Apr 042012

Cheap Easter Candy at TargetCheap Marvel Heroes at Target










I made a stop at Target this morning, but I really did not pick up much. My oldest son came home with very late notice (last night) to let me know that he needed to bring Easter eggs and Easter candy to school. I looked over the cheap Easter candy deals, and I decided to go with the Nestle Eggs, since the candy has to be individually wrapped.

Cheap Easter Candy at Target

2 x Nestle Easter Candy (Nesteggs) on sale at $2.88 each = $5.76 – $2/2 Nestle Easter Candy Target Coupon and $1/2 Nestle Easter Coupon = $2.76 ($1.38 each)

Nexcare Bandages Batman at $2.25 – $0.75 Nexcare Target Coupon and $0.55 Nexcare Coupon = $0.95

Marvel Heroes action figures on sale at $6.64 – $3 Marvel Heroes Target Coupon and $3 – $3 Playskool Heroes toy toy coupon (Also Playsaver Insert 3/25) = $0.64

– $0.10 Reusable bag discount

Tax $0.44

Total out of pocket $4.53

Total saved $12.48



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