Apr 032012

free Target beauty bag

I love the free Target beauty bags, and now it is back. This time you can get your FREE Target Beauty Bag at the Target Style Facebook page, and while the site is slow to load, it will load eventually if you have patience. I got mine not too long ago, but I did have to refresh the page once as the site got stuck. There should still be plenty of free Target beauty bags left, just have patience.

  1. Like the Target Style Facebook Page
  2. Click through the apps
  3. When the address form shows up, enter your address.
  4. You will get a confirmation page, with a confirmation number when you are done.

Good luck, and remember have patience – to get this great free Target beauty bag, Target will have you jump through hoops. It probably took me about 15 minutes, before the address page finally loaded.


The FREE Target Beauty Bag usually come loaded with samples and great Target coupons.

  2 Responses to “Free Target Beauty Bag”

  1. I can’t get it to work. Starting to think all these facebook things are a hoax.

    • Jenna, I know it is very slow to load. I should probably have mentioned how long it took for me to actually get to the address page (10 – 15 minutes). I assure you that it is not a hoax though, and they have plenty of free beauty bags to give out.

      What I did was let it load, while I was doing something else. Try it again, it should work, and as I said I actually managed to get to confirmation page. I have gotten these free beauty bags, two times in the past too….and they are great.

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