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Homemade Easter Baskets

Homemade Easter  BasketsI took my kids to a local egg hunt this weekend, and the kids had a blast. The only problem was that we did not have any Easter baskets, but we set out to make our own homemade Easter baskets. We had lots of ideas, and we ended up trying three different things.

First we assessed what we had on hand, and it included milk cartons, shoe boxes, gift bags, wrapping paper, magazines and fabric.

We decided to use wrapping paper, because we had so much from the Target Christmas clearance sales. Each kid chose his favorite wrapping paper that had Easter colors, and then we got started.

My oldest son chose a milk jug, my middle son choose to use his Halloween pumpkin treat basket, and for my youngest son we turned a Spiderman gift basket into an Easter bag, because it was easy for him to hold on to.

Homemade Easter Basket


The kids loved their homemade Easter baskets, and they even ended up being interviewed for a local newspaper, because of their unique homemade Easter baskets.



This was the easiest, simplest homemade Easter basket idea that we could come up with, but if  you have a little more time on your hand, there are lots more great homemade Easter basket ideas.


Making An Easter Basket

Every day items that can be turned into homemade Easter baskets:

  • Shoe boxes
  • Milk Jugs
  • Gift Bags
  • Capri Sun Boxes


Homemade Easter Baskets Decorating Ideas:

  • Use Gift Wrap
  • Use Magazines
  • Paint
  • Fabric
  • Shopping Bags
  • Paper Bags (Can be painted or colored)
  • Colored Paper
  • Regular Paper (The kids can decorate with colors or water colors afterward)
  • A Reusable Shopping Bag (Decorate by using gift ribbon and more)


The most important part is that the homemade Easter basket has a good, solid handle, because you do not want the handle to break off in the middle of the egg hunt. If you are looking for a place in South Florida to use your homemade Easter baskets, make sure to check out my list of South Florida Egg Hunts at Florida Free and Frugal.


If you are not creative, and if you feel as if making homemade Easter baskets are too much of a hassle, don’t despair! The dollar store and the Target Dollar Spot sells Easter Baskets for $1!


Easy Homemade Easter Baskets

I am no Martha Stewart, I have three boys, and this was a last-minute thing, so our homemade Easter baskets might not be magazine worthy (although they apparently were worthy for the newspaper). However, if you have a little extra time and a creative child by your side, make sure to check out the below posts for more great homemade Easter Baskets ideas.

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Milk Carton Easter Basket

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Garden Pail Easter Basket

Foam Easter Basket

Milk Jug Easter Basket

Homemade Easter Basket (Paper bag)

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  1. Cute, Frugal and Clever!

  2. these are cute and very clever they can be used for an occasion which i think is awesome

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  4. Clever idea, and how exciting for you all to be in the newspaper!

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