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I have been looking for new sandals for my oldest sons, since it is getting hot and humid in Florida, so I am very excited about the Payless BOGO sale. With three boys in the house, I am always looking for great deals on shoes and sandals, and right now Payless sure has it. Check out the Payless BOGO sale, and make sure to use the extra 25 percent off Payless coupon code.

If you ship to your local Payless store, you can even get free shipping. It just doesn’t get better than that!

To get the best price on shoes at Payless

  1. Shop at Payless through Ebates to get 3 percent back (I love getting a check from them)
  2. Choose the gender and size you need, choose lowest price first
  3. Find the Payless BOGO deals
  4. Get 25 percent off when you use the Payless coupon code: 65814
  5. Get free shipping to store, when you choose your local Payless.


Instead of paying $12.99 per sandal, I paid $7.31 for each after Payless BOGO and the Payless coupon code. Do you shop at Payless.

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2 Responses to Payless BOGO + 25 Percent Off & Free Shipping

  1. Lea says:

    Hrm, I’m getting an error message on that 25% off coupon code. Can you double check? Thanks!

    • jrfrugal says:

      Lea, sorry about that. I just fixed it, thanks for letting me know. The 25 percent off code is: 65814 I used it this morning, and it should definitely work.

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