Apr 222012
SnoozeShade on Teutonia Mistral

Whenever I take my two-year-old son on the bus, I bring along my umbrella stroller to make our trip easier, but the umbrella stroller does not have much of a shade. This is why I bring along the SnoozeShade, a stroller shade that provides shade to almost all strollers. It helps my son take a nap despite the very sunny South Florida weather, and it helps him nap for a longer time.

I have the  SnoozeShade Original, which is the first universal fit blackout blind for strollers, and it can be used for several different types of strollers. The SnoozeShade original is perfect for my small umbrella stroller, and whenever my son falls asleep, I put the SnoozeShade on and he can sleep undisturbed.


SnoozeShade on Teutonia Mistral

The SnoozeShade orginal truly is universal, and it fits perfectly on my larger stroller the Teutonia Mistral, and while this stroller already has a great shade, it is good for blocking out the South Florida rays, whenever my son takes a nap.


The SnoozeShase has a UPF50+/max UV protection, and the SnoozeShade is easy to attach to the stroller, so it provides great cover no matter how sunny a day it is.  The SnoozeShade comes with a small carrying bag, and when folded the snoozeshade is very compact, which makes it is easy to carry along in your purse or under the stroller.

With bright velcro closings, the Snooze Shade becomes flexible, and these velcro closings are what make it  fit strollers of all brands and sizes. In the middle of the SnoozeShade there is a small zipper, which creates a peephole in case you need to see how your little one is doing. The special woven fabric also ensures that there is a good ventilation inside of the stroller, despite the fact that it is covered.


ShoozeShade logo


You can learn more about the SnoozeShade stroller shade at the SnoozeShade website.


Snooze Shade Stroller Shade



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SnoozeShade sells a universal stroller shade, which fits most strollers,

but you can also find other sunshades such as an infant car seat shade and a travel bed shade.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary SnoozeShade sample for the purpose of writing a review, no monetary compensation was received. Any opinions expressed above are based solely on my experience with the SnoozeShade stroller shade.

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  1. This is a great item!

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