Apr 102012

Target Easter Clearance

This morning I went to check out the Target Easter Clearance sale, but I surely did not find much. I hope this is a sign that Target did great on their Easter sale, and I will say that I saw a lot of people picking up Easter stuff last Thursday.

Target Clearance Easter DressesTarget Easter Candy Clearance

Target Easter Clearance

The Target Easter clearance was at 50 percent off

The Target Easter candy clearance was at 30 percent off.

The Target Easter dollar spot clearance at 50 percent off.


As for speculations as to when the Target Easter clearance goes to 75 percent off….well’ I think it will happen on Friday, but I am going to head to Target on Thursday just to check. So, I’ll keep you posted…

You can find the latest Target Easter Clearance 2012 here, and make sure to check out all of my Target clearance finds.

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