Apr 272012

Target Beach Towel Clearance

I was hoping to find some Target meat deals yeterday, and I sure did. There were Target meat coupons and meat markdowns everywhere, you can see more of the Target meat deals here. I only found a couple of Target bath towels left at 70 percent off clearance, but instead I spotted another fantastic find a Cars beach towel on clearance at $1.78! The regular price was $10.99, but this was the only beach towels clearance I spotted, and I did not find anything wrong with it.

This will go in the gift pile, because I a big cars fan in my house, and we can never get enough beach towels here in South Florida.


Check out my Target Meat Coupon and Beach Towel Clearance Trip:

2 x Ground Chuck regular $3.64 each – $1 Target meat coupons on package = $2.64 each

100 straws from the Target Dollar Spot $1

Cars Beach towel on clearance at $1.78 (Was $10.99)

2 x Archer Farms whole wheat hamburger buns on sale at $2.50 each = $5 – ($1/2 Archer Farms coupon) = $4 ($2 each)


– $0.05 Target reusable bag discount

Total out of pocket $12.12

Total saved $13.26


Now, this was just a small part of my shopping this week, if you want to see the whole picture, make sure to check out the Weekly Savings Linky here at Frugality Is Free. You can link up your own savings posts too…

You can always find my latest Target deals and Target clearance finds here.

Did you find any great Target clearance deals this week.

  3 Responses to “Beach Towel Clearance $1.78 – I Saved $13 At Target”

  1. Super jealous! My local targets (2 of them) carry limited supply of meat. 🙁 And we are just now seeing towels in stores.. That is a GREAT find! Can never have enough beach towels! Good job!

  2. my target today told me their starting to mark down all the furniture tomorrow.

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