Apr 052012

Walmart Price Matching

I did a lot of Walmart price matching on produce last week, so I really did not need a lot of produce this week. I did need milk for my boys, the expensive lactose free milk, which costs twice as much as regular milk. Publix had the Lactaid milk on sale at 2 for $7 this past week (2 for $6 in some areas), and I had a $1 off 2 Lactaid milk coupon, but it would still make it $3 per 1/2 gallon. Then Sedanos had the Smart Balance lactose free milk on sale at 2 for $6, so I price matched this one at Walmart. I used the $1 Smart Balance coupon from the 4/1 Smart Source insert to get it down to $2 per half gallon. It is still expensive, but at least it is closer to the price of regular milk now.

Since all of my Walmart Price Matching deals were with Sedano’s prices, I could of course just have gone to Sedanos. However, Sedanos is about a 2.5 mile extra walk, whereas I only add about 0.5 mile by walking to Walmart.


My Walmart Price Matching Deals:

4 x Smart Balance Milk reg. $3.28 each,  used Walmart Price Matching with Sedanos to get it for $3 each = $12 – 4 x $1 Smart Balance coupons SS 4/1) = $8 ($2 each)

Duncan Hines Cake Mix reg. 1.24, used Walmart Price Matching with Western Beef to get it for $0.99 each – ($0.35 Duncan Hines coupon SS 2/5) = $0.64

Florida Iceberg Lettuce reg. $1.34,  used Walmart Price Matching with Sedanos to get it for $0.69

Cabbage reg. $0.69/lb,  used Walmart Price Matching with Sedanos to get it for $0.29/lb = $0.60


Total out of pocket $9.93

Total saved $7.17


While you are here, don’t forget to check out the Walmart Price List, which will be updated later on today, and if you have posted your grocery savings, you can link up at the Weekly Savings Linky on Friday.

Price matching at Walmart is easy, and now that I my local Walmart store accepts coupons with price matching the deals get even better. You do not even have to bring in the ads, just sit down with your local grocery store ads and circle the prices you like. Then write the prices down on a paper and bring it with you to Walmart. I usually bring the ads with me if I have them, just in case, but sometimes I just have the online ad to go from and as long as the dates are current, there is no problem.

If this is an old Walmart Deals post, you can find my latest Walmart Price Matching Deals here.

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