Apr 262012

Walmart Price Match Publix

We stopped by Publix on Wednesday to pick up more Smart Balance lactose free milk before the sale ended, and there was nothing except for sour cream that I wanted from Publix this week. It didn’t make sense to stop by Publix for that one item, so instead I just price matched at Walmart.

I love Publix, and normally I’d prefer shopping at Publix over Walmart, but Walmart has definitely won me over with their price match policy. I tried price matching at my old Walmart once, but they gave me so much hassle about it, and they would not let me use coupons, so it didn’t make any sense.

Instead I have price matched at Target a few times, but they are so strict with the price matching, and it is a bit of a pain. So yes, Walmart you have won me over with your easy price matching policy. At my new Walmart, I have NEVER run into a problem with price matching, but I may just be lucky. One time I was asked for the ad, and yes I did have the ad in my bag…just in case. However, there is a sign on ever register that says no ad necessary, so I just pointed to the sign (which is in Spanish and English by the way), and it was as simple as that.

I really do not buy a lot at Walmart though, but it gives me prices at two stores that I have always wanted to visit because of the occasional great prices on produce, but which are out of my regular shopping path. Since Walmart is now within walking distance from my regular shopping path, I can walk there in no time without having to waste additional gas either.

Today I had two items on my list that I could not find Schar wafers and 1 lb carrots, but take a look at what I did get.


My Walmart Price Matching Trip:

Great Value Sour Cream 16 oz reg. $1.58 Price Matching with Publix at $1.09

4 x Cucumbers reg. $0.78 each = $3.12 Price Matching with Doris at 4 for $1

4.15 lbs of Skinless Boneless Chicken Breast reg. $1.97/lb = $8.18 Price matching with Western Beef at $0.99/lb = $4.11

Breyers Ice Cream reg. $3.97 Price Matching with Western Beef at $2.50

2 x  Black Flag Fly Paper at $0.98 = $1.96– (2 x $1 Black Flag coupon RP 4/15) = $0.04 overage



Total out pocket $8.78

Total saved $10.15


Now, this was just a small part of my shopping this week, if you want to see the whole picture, make sure to check out the Weekly Savings Linky here at Frugality Is Free. You can link up your own savings posts too…



Does your local Walmart give you a hassle about Walmart Price Matching?

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  2. wow- that’s great! i didn’t know walmart matched their prices!

  3. walmart usually has cheaper prices than most places but if you are shopping for high quality store brand items or things from the deli, bakery, and other special departments publix products are WORLDS BETTER. i work for publix and we compared items packaging, looks, and quality by taste, ingredients and freshness to our compeditors and there was no comparison. publix is the best.

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