May 062012

What does a frugal family do to have some frugal family fun? We spend the morning at the beach, with bagels from Einstein Brothers Bagels… gotta love those Einstein Brothers coupons. The kids can have fun for hours, and we always make sure to get there early in the morning before the sun gets too strong, and before the beach fills up.

Beach umbrella on the beach

What is you favorite way to spend a frugal family day?

  2 Responses to “A Frugal Family Day At The Beach”

  1. I totally agree. Nothing better than a day at the beach. I am fortunate enough to live in south fla…where the gulf stream comes in very close…afording us with near perfect water, warm and clear. Love living in paradise…feels like we are on vacy even when we aren’t. Plus we have so much variety, imo, to really fresh food, veggies, seafood and fruit!!! 🙂
    I found you site today, love it and a newbie to deals etc. Thanks for your hard work.

  2. We definitley love a day at the beach too! We have a small cabin on a lake, so we love to fish and cook out, catch frogs and butterfly’s. Nothing better then a day outside with the family! 🙂 We close the day with a bon fire, roasting marshmellows and catching lightening bugs.

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