May 042012

Target clearance baseball glove

My oldest son needed a gray shirt for a school event, and of course he didn’t have any. As a frugal mom, I really felt an urge to get the boring gray shirt on the clearance rack for $4, but I knew that the $7 gray shirt with a race car on would actually be worn after the school event, so in the end that’s what I went with. . I alo got free clothes at Target for myself, and I splurged on shrimp for the guys in the family.

Free clothes at Target


My Target Clearance Trip

Boys Tshirt $7

Women’s T Shirt on clearance at $3 – $3 Mossimo Coupon = FREE (Was $10)

Baseball glove on clearance at $6.71 (Was $22.39)

Market Pantry Shrimp 1 lb on sale at $5.49 – $1 Market Pantry Seafood Coupon = $4.49

Red Baron Pizza $3.54 – $1 Red Baron Target Coupon = $2.54

Market Pantry 5 lb Sugar $2.89

Lifesavers Gummies $1.84 – $1 Lifesavers coupon and $0.75 Lifesavers Target Coupon = $0.09

– $0.15 in Target Reusable Bag Discount

Tax $0.82

Total out of pocket $24.39

Total saved  $30.73

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