May 222012

Free Summer


If you are wondering about how you can keep your kids’ minds sharp over the summer, make sure to check out this list of my favorite free educational websites.

Kahn Academy: Free math lessons and math practice for first graders and up.

Starfall: is a great free resource for parents of preschool – first grade kids. Helps with the alphabet and reading.

Funbrain: has free educational games for kids in Kindergarten and up.

Discovery Kids: A great free resource, where kids can learn about topics they love.

Funology: Funology gives you lots of great ideas for free fun educational things to do with the kids.

Nick Jr.: Nick Junior actually has a lot of great games, and take a closer look you will discover that many of them has great educational qualities.

PBS Kids: I don’t even know where to start with PBS kids, but this is a great site for the kids. There are so many great learning games, and the kids have too much fun to realize that they are learning while playing.

Do you have any free educational websites that I should add to the list?

  5 Responses to “Free Educational Websites”

  1. Thanks…I’m always looking for free resources for my toddler! We often visit nick jr and PBS kids, but these others are new to me!

  2. Good to see Khan Academy at the top of the list. Is a very good site.

  3. […] start out, I have a lot of free educational websites that I use to help keep kids learning, inspired and having […]

  4. Thanks for this and will use these in the future.

  5. Thank you so much for these links. These are great resources, and it is always good to keep the little minds sharp over the summer, especially to keep them reading!

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