May 102012

Free soda at Walmart


My middle son had field day at school today, and I mostly just wanted to skip grocery shopping. Still, I know that if I did skip grocery shopping, I would just end up sending my husband for stuff….and in the long run that would cost more. So after my middle son’s field day, my youngest son and I jumped on the bus and headed for the stores. At Walmart we were able to pick up free soda, and we also got some great Walmart price match deals.


Walmart Price Match Groceries

This is not a brand of soda that my famiily usually buys, but you just cannot beat free. I also got a couple of cheap bottles of soda after coupons, which will be usefull whenever we have visitors.


My Walmart Price Match Deals:

8 x Sundrop Soda @ $1 each = $8 – (8 x $1 Sundrop coupons SS 5/6) = FREE

Schar Wafers $1.67 – ($2 Schar Coupon IP NLA) = FREE ($0.33 overage)

2 x 7 Up Soda @ $1 each = $2 – ($1/2 7 Up IP coupons NLA) = $1 ($0.50 each)

2 x 7 Ginger Ale @ $1 each = $2 – ($1/2 7 Up IP coupons NLA) = $1 ($0.50 each)

2 x Kraft BBQ Sauce @ $1 each = $2 – $1/2 Kraft Coupon SS 5/6) = 1 ($0.50 each)

Nestle Baking Cooca $2.42

2 x eggs @ $1.58 each = $3.16 – Walmart Price Match w/ Western Beef (sale ends 5/10) @ $0.79 = $1.58

Watermelon @ $5.58 – Walmart Price Match w/ local store @ $3.49

4 x Yellow Corn @ $0.50 each = $2 – Walmart Price Match w/ Doris Italian Market @ $0.25 each = $1

2 x Lettuce $1.34 = $2.68 – Walmart Price Match w/ Western Beef (sale ends 5/10) @ 2 for $1

5 x Oranges @ $0.59 each = $2.95 – Walmart Price Match w/ Bravo @ 5 for $1

1 lb Carrots @ $0.98 – Walmart Price Match w/Bravo @ $0.59 each


Tax $0.74

Total out of pocket $14.49

Total saved $21.69


I gotta admit that Walmart is growing on me, and I have never been a fan in the past. The price match policy is pulling me in week after week, because Walmart are less rigid about price matching than Target, which means less hassle. All I need to do is bring in a list of the best deals from all the competitor’s current ads, and then I give the price to the cashier. I usually do most price matching on produce, meat, and dairy.

Have you gotten any great Walmart price match deals this week?

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  6 Responses to “Free Soda at Walmart and Walmart Price Match Deals – Saved $21!”

  1. I love the price matching it saves running to three places.

    Now what I really want to know is how did you get all that soda and watermelon and the little guy home on the bus!

    • That would have looked crazy, wouldn’t it? My husband picked up the kids from school, and then they came by to pick us afterward. I made sure that Walmart was our last stop on the shopping trip too….If I’d have to walk to all the different stores, it would take me all day, so I am very thankful for Walmart’s price match policy. I do price match at Target once in a while, but they sure don’t make it easy to price match.

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  3. What store did you price match at Walmart????

    • Mary, the stores mentioned above are all local South Florida stores. Ask your local Walmart, which store they will price match with. Mine basically said that all local grocery stores, supermarkets and drugstores would work. Even in my area, the friendliness and knowledge when it comes to price matching seems to vary from store to store though.

  4. I always do price matching at Walmart especially during back to school time.

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