May 222012

Free Summer Fun

I am launching the Free Summer Fun Series here at Frugality Is Free, because having a summer full of fun, family time and great learning experiences is possible for everyone. Whether you have a vacation budget, or no vacation money at all, it is possible to have a free summer for everyone in your family.

Despite having a very small summer vacation budget, my family still has a blast exploring Florida and everything it has to offer for free or on a very low budget. Last year we explored a chocolate factory, went to a local botanical garden, went on a boat ride and explored an old fort all for free, and of course we spent a lot of time on the beach….for free. If you look around in your local community, I am sure you will find lots of free things to do too.

As a part of the Free Summer Series you can find information about:

  • Free Learning Activies
  • Free Educational Websites
  • Free and Cheap Summer Movies
  • Free Reading Programs
  • Free Events
  • Free Family Activities

And much much more….

If you are looking for some free summer fun for your family, make sure to check out the new Free Summer Fun tab in the navigation bar.

I am also looking for guest bloggers as a part of the Free Summer Fun series, so if you have an idea that you think would be a perfect fit let me know.

  One Response to “Free Summer Fun Series”

  1. The beaches in Florida alone are free summer fun. My family took a long road trip from PA to Florida this summer, and we had loads of free fun at the beaches (as well as free places to stay from a giveaway that I won)!

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