May 022012

I wanted to give all of you an update on my Heirloom Tomatoes from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. I almost lost them, as I had the seedlings standing out in the sun, and then the South Florida weather changed in an instant. Instead of sunshine, we had a huge storm pass through, and if I had not remembered to bring to heirloom tomato seedlings into cover, they would have been severely hit by the rain.

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Take a look at the Heirloom Tomato Seedlings

Week 1.

Hawaiian Pineapple Tomato Seeds


Week 2.

Heirloom Tomato Seedlings Dads Sunset


Week 3.

heirloom tomato seedlings


My husband and I are now on a mission to build a special tomato box for the heirloom tomatoes, but I think I will give them at least two weeks more before I move them into their permanent spot. I want to make sure that the tomato seedlings are strong enough to withstand the heavy South Florida rain, which we have been getting lately.

Our weather has been extremely odd in April, and we have had rain all week. It is doing wonders for the garden though, and our new lawn really needed to be soaked a few times.

lima beans

A lot of my tomato plants are already done for the year, but I do have more tomato plants growing at different stages. The mangoes are getting huge, and the herb garden is flourishing.

My middle son brought home lima bean plants from kindergarten, so he is watching them closely. I have never grown lima beans before, so I hope they will turn out alright.



Finally, the frugal garden has gotten its first sun flower of the year, and it is a beauty. If you look at this sun flower photo, I bet you won’t believe that we live in the city. I have planted sun flowers all along our reed fence this year, and I cannot wait for all of the plants to start brightening up the fence a bit.

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What are you growing in your garden?



  7 Responses to “The Frugal Garden: Growing Heirloom Tomatoes – Win Some Too!”

  1. I too was trying to grow heirloom tomatoes from seeds, but I must have done something wrong….mine look nothing like yours after 4 weeks….they still look like week 1!! I may need to resort to buying a plant!

    • Nikki, how warm is it where you live? I’m in South Florida, so perhaps the warmth makes them grow faster. Don’t give up just yet….

      • Warmth makes a huge difference. I live in IL and my tomato plants are just now looking like yours and they have been growing for 6 weeks. I don’t put them under grow lights, just the day light and occasionally under my lamps in the evening for extra light. It’s helped and made a difference. Mine were all spindly, leggy little guys but transplanting and putting them under my lights have made a world of difference! Good luck with your tomatoes!

        • Debbie, I suspected that it might be the heat. I have not grown tomatoes in colder temperatures for many years, but I do remember things going slower. I had to pull up more of my old tomato plants today…and it surely makes me sad. We have some crazy insects down here, which I think make them weaker fast. I cannot wait to see how these heirloom tomatoes turn out, and I just hope they’ll be able to make it in the heat that we have coming our way.

      • I live in Maryland, so we are just starting to get consistent warm weather! I’m so hoping they make it beause I love the feeling of eating your home grown veggies!

  2. I planted heirloom tomatoes last year and this year had to down size my garden so didnt buy as many tomatoes to plant.
    But Im glad I didnt because there were so many that popped up from seeds from last year and they are bigger then the new ones I planted . Looking forward to a great crop this summer

  3. I wanted to grown some Heirloom tomatoes last summer but I just never got back to the store and got’any
    plants. This year I’m gonna get me some heirloom tomato plants though. They just are a beautiful looking
    tomato. I live in Mississippi so I don’t know how they will thrive, but I guess I’ll find out.

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