May 252012

Publix Money Maker

I wanted to use my last BOGO Sun Drop coupons today, before they expired. Yesterday I went to a different Publix than I usually go to, and they only had the Diet Sun Drop soda. I try not to let my kids drink diet drinks, so I passed and hoped that my regular Publix would have the regular Sun Drop in stock.

So, after spending the morning at the basketball court with the boys, I made a quick run in to Publix to check. My regular Publix only had the Diet Sun Drop out too, but contrary to the store yesterday, my Publix store actually had a bunch in the back. I also picked up more free Lifesavers, and I was able to find the free Bush Grilling beans, which were a Publix money maker.

Everything turned out perfectly, as I wanted to pick up a second gallon of orange juice. First of all the orange juice was only $3.99 at this Publix, it was $4.99 at the Publix store yesterday, so I saved an instant $1. Then the Publix money maker on the Bush grilling beans took care of all the tax plus two extra cents on the orange juice.

So, instead of paying $4.99 for the orange juice yesterday, I ended up paying $3.97, and I got 10 bottles of soda, 5 bags of Lifesavers and 4 cans of beans as a bonus.


My Publix Money Maker Trip:

5 x Lifesavers gummies $1 2.8 – $7.2 oz – $1 Lifesavers coupon from Blinkie = FREE

4 x Bush’s Grillin’ Beans on BOGO sale at 2 for $2.39 = $4.78 – (4 x $1.50 Sweet Mesquite Grillin Beans Coupons) = Free ($1.22 Overage)

10 x Sun Drop 2 Liter on sale at $1.50 each = $15 – (5 x BOGO Sundrop MF Coupon Hang Tag and – 5 x Publix BOGO Sun Drop coupon Spring Gatherings Booklet) = FREE

1 gallon Publix Orange Juice $3.99

Tax $1.20

Total out of pocket $3.97

Total saved $40.13



To see a complete picture of how I shop for my famiy of five on a frugal budget, check out the Weekly Savings Linky here at Frugality Is Free. You can also share your own shopping trips, so that other’s can find your deals as well.

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