May 112012


Lately I have been amazed to see how little I am saving at Publix, but it is mainly because my family has chosen to buy non-coupon items such as the Publix orange juice and lemonade. We go through a lot of orange juice, and once it is time for summer vacation with three boys at home, I can easily see my family going through 3 gallons of orange juice every week.

Still, because I am price matching at Walmart on a lot of produce and groceries, w e have the room in the budget, so I guess this is our splurge. Besides the taste, it also means a lot to us that the Publix orange juice is made from Publix oranges, which basically means local for us. While ALDi and Target often have cheaper orange juice, especially if there are coupons out, it is not Florida orange juice.

I also chose to pay a little extra for chicken thighs this week by buying them at Florida instead of at ALDI. However, the ones I got at Publix was skinless, and I can easily pull off 1/2 – 1 pound of skin from the chicken thighs I buy at ALDI at $1.29/lb. I was still $10 short until the $5/$50 Publix coupon could be used, so I added two Dole pineapples with free product coupons.

I almost ended up putting everything in my cart back, when I discovered an empty shelf at the Smart Balance milk section. I had a raincheck for my sons’ lactose free milk, and if they didn’t have any, it just didn’t make sense to get groceries today because I wanted to use the $5/$50 coupon. Thankfully a helpful Publix employee was able to locate a box of Smart Balance Lactose Free milk in the back. For the first time in a long time I did not have any coupons, but at $2.50, it was still cheaper than the lactose free milk at ALDI, Target and Walmart.

Do your family have any products, which you pay full price for no matter what?


My Publix Shopping Trip

4 x Smart Balance Lactose Free Milk @ $3.99/each = $15.96 – Publix Raincheck = $10 ($2.50 each)

2 x Lender’s Whole Wheat Bagels on BOGO sale at 2 for $2.19 ($1.10 each)

Publix orange juice $3.99

Publix lemonade $2.99

2 x Nesquick on sale at $2.89 each = $5.78 – $1.50 Nesquick  Coupon = $4.28 ($2.14 each)

2 x Dove Chocolates on BOGO sale at 2 for $4.29 – (2 x $1 Dove coupons) = $2.29 ($1.15 each)

3.68 lb Publix Skinless Chicken Thighs @ $8.06

2 x Del Monte Pineapples @ $4.99 each = $9.98 – (2 x $5 Del Monte coupons from blogging promo) = FREE

Publix Pizza $3.99

– $5/$50 Publix Coupon from Red Plum Mailer (Get $3 off $30 Publix Coupons at Recyclebank)

Tax $0.44

Total Out Of Pocket $33.21

Total Saved $32.94


What product do you always buy no matter what it costs?

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  4 Responses to “Publix Splurges – Saved $32”

  1. Where on recyclebank do you find the publix coupon?

    • Jane, once you get to the rewards page, there are six featured rewards categories. Underneath there is a tab called ALL Rewards, click this one. Then go to Food and Beverage to find the Publix coupons. You may also find Publix competitor coupons, in my area they have Doris coupons that works just like a Publix coupon.

      If you do not see any Publix coupons, send Recyclebank an email politely requesting them. This is what I did, when I hit a dry spell last year.

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