May 022012

refurbished kindleIf you have hesitated getting a Kindle, or if you would like to give the mother in your life a Kindle for Mother’s deal, Amazon now has a great option for you. Today only Amazon is selling a Refurbished Kindle with a special Kindle discount. You can now get a refurbished Kindle for only $139. This is $60 less than the regular Amazon Kindle price.

Facts About The Refurbished Kindle:

A Certified Refurbished Kindle is a pre-owned Kindle that has been refurbished, tested and certified to look and work like new. Every Certified Refurbished Kindle is backed by a full one-year limited warranty, just like a brand-new Kindle.

Prior to sale, every pre-owned Kindle undergoes a rigorous refurbishment process including:

  •  Full diagnostic test
  • Replacement of any defective parts identified in testing
  • Thorough cleaning and inspection process
  • Complete repackaging with a new box
  • Most recent software version update available for the product.
  • Final QA inspection before acceptance as Certified Refurbished stock.


  • The Certified Refurbished Kindle comes with a USB cable (for Kindle E Ink devices) or power adapter (for Kindle Fire devices).
  • Every Certified Refurbished Kindle ships with the same one-year limited warranty you get with a new Kindle.
  • A Certified Refurbished Kindle is subject comes with the same return policy as any new Kindle.
  • A Certified Refurbished Kindle Fire includes a free month Amazon Prime for eligible customers.


If you are still hesitant about buying a refurbished Kindle, take a look at the price. The Amazon Kindle usually costs $199, and the regular price for a refurbished Kindle is $169, but today – and today only – the price is $139! That’s $60 off the price of the regular Amazon Kindle price.


You can find out more about the Refurbished Kindle here.

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