May 062012

If you have not already entered the Zero Water giveaway, today is your last chance. The Zero Water giveaway ends at midnight EST, and there will be two winners.

Zero Water Filter Pitcher

My family has now used the Zero Water Filter Pitcher for three weeks, and we are extremely impressed. Water is no longer called water around here, it is now Zero Water only, and the kids love it. I tested it last night, and after three weeks the TDS reading is still at 000, whereas our regular tap water has a quite high TDS reading.

Our hope was that the TDS reading would be less than 006 for at least four weeks, because this way new filters would cost the same as we usually spend on filtered water. So far, we are definitely on track, and we have already bought new filters, because we do not want to be out of Zero Water…ever!

So, if you are looking for some great-tasting, clean and pure drinking water, head over and enter the ZERO Water giveaway here at Frugality Is Free.

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