May 302012

Walmart Price Match Deals

I did my Walmart price match shopping early this week, as I wanted to get some cheap Watermelons before the sale ended. I also picked up a couple of Walmart freebies, and as always I found the best produce deals and purchased them at Walmart.

Today was the first time that I encountered any problems with price matching at our new Walmart, and it was because one of the managers did not know much about the Walmart Price Match policy. The cashier asked me for an ad, and I told her that I did not need to bring it. She looked as if I was crazy, so I showed her the sign right above the register, where it specifically says (in English and Spanish) that you do not need to bring the ad. She then called the manager, and he stated. “I don’t know why that sign is there, but I need the ad to price match!”

I was shocked, but I did not give in, so he called another manager, who confirmed that I did not need to bring the ad in. Instead, I just started listing the prices that I had found in the online ads for the competitor stores. After that everything went smoothly, and I got my great produce deals at Walmart.


Walmart Price Match Deals:

Sierra Mist $1 – $1 Sierra Mist Coupon from Facebook NLA = FREE

2 x Aquafresh Toothpastes $0.97 = $1.94 – (2 x $1 Aquafresh Coupon from BLINKIE) = FREE ($0.06 overage)

Nivea Lotion 2 oz $1.97 – ($2 Nivea Lotion Coupon from Mailer) = FREE ($0.03 overage)

Great Value Salt $0.34

2 x Watermelons @ $4.98 = $9.96 – (Walmart Price Match w/ Bravo @ $1.88 each) = $3.76

0.91 lb of Georgia Peaches at $2.98/lb = $ 2.71 – (Walmart Price Match w/ Sedanos @ $0.79/lb) = $0.72

6 x Green Peppers at $1 each = $6 – (Walmart Price Match w/ Save A Lot @ 3/$1) = $2 ($0.33 each)

3 x Green Onions at $0.99 = $2.97 – (Walmart Price Match with Presidente @ 3 for $1) = $1 ($0.33 each)

0.78 lbs of Plum Tomatoes at $1.24/lb = $0.97 – (Walmart Price Match with Sedanos @ $0.59/lb) = $0.46


Tax $0.30

Total out of pocket $8.46

Total saved $21.07


You can always find my latest Walmart Price Match deals under the Deals tab in the top navigation bar.

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