May 042012

It has been a looooong day, and it started out with the blog being down, so I was not happy. I did what I could do, kept my fingers crossed and then I decided to leave for the day. Thankfully Frugality Is Free was back up again, once I returned home this afternoon. For this reason I am way behind today, so please bear with me while I put the finishing touches to this post. In the meantime, feel free to link up your savings so everyone can see how much you saved this week.

I did do a lot of shopping though, so let me share it with you.



ALDI deals

Check out my ALDI deals

I spent $7.20

I saved $7.41

 TARGETTarget dealsFree Clothes at Target

See my Target clearance deals

I spent $24.39

I saved $30.73


Publix Deals

Check out my Publix Deals

I spent $18.96

I saved $30.27


Walmart Price Matching May

See my Walmart Price Matching deals

Spent $13.92

Saved $17.72




Eggs at CVS

I spent $0.76

I saved $5.50

I received $2.49 CVS Extra Buck Back

My Weekly Totals

My Weekly Grocery Spendings $51.52

My Weekly Grocery Savings $62.92

My Weekly Clothes and Extra Spending $13.72

My Weekly Clothes and Extra Savings$28.71

My Weekly Spendings $65.23

My Weekly Savings $91.63


I would love to see how you did, please link up below. I’d love to hear how you did in your comments as well…


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  1. Great shop! I wish I had a Target nearby

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