Jun 282012

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Last week I did a lot of shopping at ALDI thanks to our ALDI burger bar party, but when I looked in my fridge this morning, it still screamed for an ALDI trip. We had a lot of great food at the party last week, and if you have not read about it already, you can find the ALDI summer party post here.

Today I wanted to pick up a few of the produce deals, and then of course I needed to stock up on our ALDI basics. The ALDI wheat buns and hotdog buns were on sale at $0.49 each, so I picked up double. I know my kids will be excited, because they love all ALDI bread.

Last week we ran out of the ALDI whole wheat bread, so I went to publix to grab some on sale. My picky six-year-old son was not happy, because he wanted his ALDI bread.


My ALDI Shopping Trip

2.19 lbs bananas $0.96

Honeydew $1.69

Blueberries $1.29

Roma tomatoes $1.69

2 x wheat buns on sale at $0.49 each

2 x wheat hot dog buns on sale at $0.49 each

Flour tortillas 40.99

Whole Wheat Bread $1.29

Instant oatmeal $1.49

Eggs $1.29


Total out of pocket $14.84

Total saved $7.18

(see the Aldi price list for comparison)

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