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We hosted a neigborhood summer party with an ALDI Burger Bar this week, so the boys and I went ALDI party shopping. With a guest list of 12 people, we had a budget of $100, and we were able to get a lot of great party foods at ALDI. I had created a menu with the help of the ALDI Summer Catalog, and shopping at ALDI was both easy and quick. The smiling employees, the affordable prices and the high-quality products ensures that ALDI is my family’s first place for party shopping.

Take a look at our $100 ALDI party foods shopping list:

Aldi Condiments and Aldi Soda

12 Pk GT Cola $2.29

12 Pk Citrus Twist $2.29

59 oz Lemonade $1.99

Burman’s Yellow Mustard $0.69

Burman’s Steak Sauce $1.29

Burman’s BBQ Sauce $0.89

Burman’s Ketchup 32 oz $1.19

Fit & Active Ranch dressing $1.29

Great Cherkins Butter and Bread Pickles $0.99

Potato Chips $1.49

ALDI meat

Little Salad Bar Mustard Potato Salad 32 oz $2.49

Little Salad Bar Potato Salad 32 oz $2.49

Deli Sliced Pepper Jack Cheese $1.99

Fit & Active Turkey franks $1.29

Fresh Chicken Tenders $1.68

Beef Stew Meat $3.38

Ground Beef $3.37

4 ct Beef Patties $4.04

4 ct Beef Patties $4.04

Moosetrack Ice Cream 48 oz $2.69

Cookie Dough Ice Cream 48 oz $2.69

ALDI Burger Buns and hot dog buns

Wheat Hotdog buns $0.99

Kaiser Buns $1.99

Whole Wheat Buns $1.99

Benton's Sugar Cones

Sugar Cones $0.99

Cookies $1.49

ALDI Fruit

Seedless Watermelon $4.29

Pineapple $2.29

2 Lbs Green Grapes $1.98

2 Lbs Red Grapes $1.98

Butter lettuce $0.99

Iceburg Lettuce $1.19

2 x Green Peppers $1.29

2 Lbs Red Onion $1.89

3 x Avocado @ $0.95 = $2.85

Cucumber $0.45

Grape Tomatoes $1.49

Baby Bella Mushrooms 41.59

21 oz Tomatoes $1.69

Happy Harvest Canned Whole Kernel Corn $0.59

Dakota’s Pride Black Beans $0.59

 Boulder Party Supplies

Boulder Decorative Paper Plates 45 ct $1.89

Boulder Cutlery 96 ct $3.29

Boulder Party Cups 50 ct $2.39

Napkins 250 ct $1.49

We were planning on getting a Gardenline Flextub for our party drinks, but they had been so popular that there were no more left at our local ALDI store. Since we had some money left in our budget, I let the boys choose one of the cool warter playthings for the party instead. After some careful considerations and debating, they finally decided that the WHAM-O Slip and Slide was perfect for the Waterpark themed backyard party.

ALDI WHAM-O Slip 'N Slide

WhamO Slip and Slide $12.99

Tax $1.72

Total spent on party foods at ALDI $99.93

I went to my two regular food stores to see what the prices were there, and the savings by shopping for our party at ALDI were quite impressive.  I did not include the slip and slide, the cutlery and the napkins in this comparison due to not finding comparable items.

If I had bought all of the above products at our local superstore, I would have spent $33 more for all of the above groceries.

If I had bought the above items at our local grocery store, I would have spent $39 more.

Disclaimer:  I wrote this blog post as a part of an ALDI summer party review sponsored by ALDI, and I received gift certificates to facilitate my review.

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  2. Wow! Great shopping, savings and a great menu! Wish I could have been there :-).

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