Jun 012012

CVS Freebies

I had a couple of CVS Extra Bucks that were expiring tomorrow, so I knew I had to go and to some CVS rolling today. Of course, three of the deals on my list were gone, so I did the best I could with what was in stock. Make sure to scan your card at the CVS scanner twice, because you might just be lucky to get a $1 toothbrush coupon that goes well with the Colgate Extra Bucks deal this week. My coupon did not print until after the second scan….


2 x Dove Milk Chocolate Bars on sale at $0.75 each = $1.50 – ($0.75 Dove Chocolate coupon) + $0.75 Extra Bucks Back

1 x Colgate Toothbrush on sale at $2.99 – ($1 CVS Toothbrush coupon from scanner) = $1.99 + $2 Extra Bucks Back

– $2.49 CVS Extra Bucks from previous shopping trip


Tax $0.21

Total out of pocket $0.46

Total saved $6.52

$2.75 Extra Bucks Back


To see the total picture of how I keep a $65 grocery budget for a family of five, make sure to check out the Weekly Savings Linky. You can link up your own savings too…

  2 Responses to “CVS Freebies OOP $0.46, Saved 6.52 + Got $2.75 Extra Bucks Back”

  1. what a super trip!

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