Jun 052012

The Everglades

You do not have to spend a lot of money to have fun with your kids this summer, in fact if you look around in your local area you will find lots of free activities. This Saturday June 9th, you can get free national park admission because of Get Outdoors Day, so take your kids along and explore the national parks near you.

If you are already headed off for vacation, why not take advantage and add a free national park visit to your travel agenda. If you nd are planning a frugal vacation with the kids, or even a staycation make sure to look around your location for free events and park access as well. Last year my family visited St. Augustine, and we took advantage of free access to Fort Mantanzas, which included a boat ride, and that in itself made the day for our boys.

If you are in Florida, make sure to check out my sister site Florida Free and Frugal for the best free and frugal florida activities and events.

So check out the national parks near you this week, bring along a picnic basket, sunscreen and plenty of beverages, and you are set for a fun frugal day with the kids. Find more information about the free national park admission days here.

Free Summer Fun


Make sure to check out the Free Summer Fun tab in the navigation bar for more free and frugal things to do with the kids this summer.

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