Jun 082012

It is summer vacation time, which means three boys at home, so I am going to be very very busy! This week I was very aware that it was going to be my last week of calm shopping, because shopping with three boys is NEVER calm. I did a lot of walking, a lot of running (from the rain), and a lot of shopping, but I got it all done.

I am very surprised that I was able to stay within my grocery budget of $65 this week, and it was great to be able to splurge on garden stuff and clothing with a Target gift card. I LOVE shopping with gift cards!

Just A Reminder:

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What was the best deal you got this week?

Take a look at my deals this week. You can see the details and breakdown by clicking on the images or the links.




Aldi grocery

See my ALDI grocery deals

I spent $16.10

I saved $4.70


Target garden clearance

See my Target garden clearance deals

See my Target kids clothes clearance deals

I spent $4.89 + $25 Gift Card

I saved $60.85

My Walmart Deals:

Walmart Price Match on Produce

Walmart Freebies

Check out my Walmart Price Match Produce Deals

I spent $19.39

I saved $23.38

Publix Deals

Publix Snacks

Check out my Publix Snacks Deals

I spent $26.80

I saved $78.06


Free Toothbrushes at CVS

Check out my CVS Freebies

I spent $0.49

I saved $21.36

$3 CVS Extra Bucks Back

My Weekly Totals

My Weekly Grocery Spendings $62.78

My Weekly Grocery Savings $127.50

My Weekly Clothes and Extra Spending $4.89

My Weekly Clothes and Extra Savings$60.85

My Weekly Spendings For A Family of 5 $67.67

My Weekly Savings For A Family of 5 $188.35


Publix gift card


To those of you, who do not come here often, I wanted to let you know about some of the great grocery giveaways that I have going on here at Frugality Is Free. You can find more great giveaways in the sidebar…

Win a $25 Publix Gift Card

Win a $20 BJ’s Gift Card Giveaway

(Can be used with free BJ’s trial membership)

Win a Cheerios Prize Package

Win The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Couponing

Win An Udi’s Gluten Free Foods Prize Pack



Do you change your shopping habits, when school’s out? You can share your own deals in the Weekly Savings Linky below.


  5 Responses to “$256 Worth of Products For $67 – Link Up Weekly Savings Linky”

  1. Sure wish we had a publix here in IL. All the deals sound so awesome! Our stores are pretty much limited and Jewel or Dominicks is entirely out of my price range. 🙁 Awesome deals! I usually end up at Target for most of my groceries and walmart or my local Piggly Wiggly (expensive as well) for sale/price matched items.

    Great job this week! I too have 3 boys home for the summer.. Yikes! I need to stock up on snacky and lunch items while I am at work

    • Debbie, do you have an ALDI around? I would never be able to afford Publix’s regular prices, so I only buy the deals there and of course our expensive orange juice. I am loving Walmart for the price matching, because I simply go over all of the ads online for the stores in our area, and that’s the prices I get at Walmart.

      I have been working on stocking up on juice, juice pouches and snacks for a few weeks, and now my pantry is booming.

  2. I do have a Aldi and I utilize it ALOT. I go to Piggly Wiggly only for their “hot” sales & double coupons. I try to price match at walmart as much as possible, but their produce selection is usually pretty bad, so I kinda stopped that. I usually will make a trip to the local mexican market for the produce instead. Publix deals always look so awesome! But that’s how they get ya isn’t it. I think a trip to Aldi’s is in the works for fruit and snacky stuff this weekend!

    • I love Publix, and their service is fantastic, but if it wasn’t for the coupon deals I could not afford to shop there. ALDI shaved off $600 off our grocery budget last year, and we eat a lot more fresh fruits and veggies since ALDI arrived in South Florida. Before I had to turn every penny to make the budget work, and we were about $75 a week.

  3. Love your price matching deals!!

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