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Pleated skirtThe new summer collection at Mikarose is full of beautiful summer dresses and skirts, and Mikarose has combined beauty and modesty in a way that only Mikarose can. I had been searching for the perfect outfit to wear for an outdoor family concert, and the new pleated chiffon skirt from Mikarose was just what I had been looking for.

I simply love the creamy color, the way that the pleated chiffon falls, and the versatility of this sophisticated skirt, which can be dressed up or down depending on the need. The skirt can be matched with both neutral, pastel and bright colored tops, and it can be used with sandals, high heels or flats in many colors. The easy-on-the eyes creamy color is light without being white, and it is perfect for summer parties, concerts and special celebrations.

The chiffon is lightweight, which is great for the hot and stePleated skirt lineramy South Florida weather. The vanilla cream colored lining skirt is sleek and cool, and this makes it perfect for days when the humidity is high and most fabrics stick to your skin.

The pleated skirt is machine washable, and after line drying the pleats fall right back into place. There is no need for ironing and dry cleaning, yet with the sophisticated look of the chiffon pleats no one can tell.

The pleated chiffon skirt from Mikarose comes in both creamy vanilla and charcoal, and while the creamy vanilla color is perfect for day time events, the charcoal skirt shines at night.

The Mikarose summer collection also includes lots of beautiful modest dresses in lightweight summer materials plus a great variety of colors, and there is a summer dress for every occasion. Whether you are looking for a dress for a Fourth of July party, a church picnic or a family gathering, Mikarose has modest dresses, skirts and tops that will help you embrace modesty without sacrificing beauty and elegance.

 Mikarose summer skirt

Mikarose has also introduced their own accessory line, where you can find beautiful belts and stellar necklaces. This new collection goes very well with the modest dresses, and I found a few pieces that compliments my new pleated skirt.


Buy It

Mikarose has stores in both the US and Canada, but you can also buy beautiful modest dresses, skirts and tops at Mikarose.com.


 Win It

Mikarose has generously offered a $50 Mikarose gift certificate to one of Frugality Is Free’s readers.


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This giveaway ends Wednesday July 25th, 2012.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary piece of modest clothing from Mikarose  for the purpose of writing a review and hosting a giveaway, no monetary  compensation was received.  Any opinions expressed above are based solely  on my experience with  the modest dresses from Mikarose.

  151 Responses to “Mikarose Pleated Skirt Review & Mikarose Giveaway (US + CAN)”

  1. love the shimmer pencil skirt

  2. I love the Kristy

  3. Kristy dress

  4. I love the Anne dress!

  5. love the bailey dress

  6. I like the Indi Green Cowl Neck Top
    Thank you!

  7. I’d like Riley for my daughter.

  8. The Kristy Dress is so pretty! And it’s my name too 😉

  9. i love the baily

  10. I love the Fabric Flower Necklace!!

  11. I like the Bailey dress.

  12. i love the bailey dress in navy

  13. LOVE the Baily dress! So cute!

  14. Another item I really like is the shimmer pencil skirt

  15. I would really love to have the Jackie dress!!!

  16. I like the Paige dress.

  17. I’d like to have the Double Ruffle Top.

  18. I like the Pearl Center flower necklace in cream.

  19. Thank you so much for introducing me to this site I love so many things the Rebecca dress, the Ashley dress, the kristy dress, the alexia dress, the sophie dress, the eva dress, the paisley skirt, Knit Skit w/ Viscose and so so many more things I better stop or I’ll never get done.

  20. I like the floral top

  21. Daisy dress is my favorite!

  22. I’d like to wear the Double Ruffle Top

  23. I love the Paige dress.

  24. I love the Daisy dress. Thanks for the giveaway!

  25. LOVE the Double Ruffle Top

  26. I would love to be sporting the Anne Dress this summer 😉

  27. i like the lace top

  28. I’m officially in LOVE with the Daisy dress- sooo cute!

  29. I would love the Kristy dress! Thanks!!!

  30. I love the Victoria dress!

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  32. I love the Butterfly Necklace.

  33. I like the Lace Top!

  34. I love the look of the Anne dress!

  35. The girls butterfly dress

  36. I like the Serena dress

  37. I love the layer cap sleeve shirt

  38. avery dress with butterfly necklace

  39. Love the Bailey Dress, thanks

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  41. Double Ruffle Top

  42. I like the “olive” dress.

  43. Victoria Spring Style dress

  44. the avery dress!

  45. I like the Victoria Spring Style dress

  46. I like the daisy dress

  47. i’d love to have the bailey dress

  48. I would chose the Kristy dress. It looks so light and comfy for summer!

  49. The Emma dress is so pretty. I’d like that one.

  50. My favorite is the Anne dress.

  51. I love the Ashley dress

  52. I love the Riley!

  53. I’d love to have the Ashley dress.

  54. I would love to get the rebecca in black

  55. I love the Double Ruffle Top!

  56. The Michelle dress

  57. I would get Kristy dress

  58. Love the Kristy dress!

  59. I really like the tunic!

  60. I would wear the Floral Top

  61. My daughter would love the Rebecca dress.

  62. I like the Avery dress

  63. i like the kristy dress!

  64. I would love to get the Claire dress.
    mjp_0419 at yahoo dot com

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  66. I would love to have the Riley Dress in Moon Rock

  67. I like the Style # 3007.
    Thanks for the chance!

  68. I like the Paisley skirt.

  69. I like the Avery dress

  70. I like the Bailey dress.

  71. I like the Emma dress in the Heather gray.

  72. I love the Serena dress!

  73. I like the daisy dress.

  74. TOP: Layer Cap Sleeve

  75. the daisy

  76. I like the Ashley Dress

  77. I like the Knit Skit w/ Viscose skirt and the prices are great

  78. the Anne dress

  79. I love the Printed Pencil Skirt.

  80. The Bailey dress!!!

  81. i love the rebecca dress.

  82. I would like the Olive dress.

  83. Love the Elle.

  84. I like the Serena and the Emma dresses.

  85. I love the Daisy Dress.
    Thanks for the chance.

  86. I love the Kristy dress.

  87. I like the layer cap sleeve

  88. I adore the Bailey Dress. Oooh la la

  89. Love the 1/2 Sleeve Flower Top

  90. I like the Bailey dress.

  91. I love The Tunic

  92. I’d love the 1/2 Sleeve Flower Top.

  93. the double ruffle top!

  94. I like the Fabric Flower Belt

  95. I love the beaded top. So cute!!

  96. Eva Dress

  97. i would buy the pink lace top for my wife!!

  98. i like the bailey dress

  99. I like the Daisy dress

  100. style 3005

  101. I love the floral top! So cute

  102. The Serena is so pretty

  103. I love the Emma Dress

  104. I like the Daisy dress.

  105. I really like the Paisley skirt from the site.
    reejen at comcast dot net

  106. I love the Alexia dress

  107. the ashley dress

  108. I like the Double Ruffle Top – wish they had more long-sleeved options.

  109. I like the Shimmer Pencil Skirt.

  110. I would like to wear the serena dress.

  111. I would love to wear the Victoria Spring Style dress this summer

  112. I like the Michelle dress
    thank you

  113. i really really want to order the Double Ruffle Top, i am worried it might not fit.

  114. love the Anne dress

  115. The Anne dress is my favorite.

  116. I like the Bailey dress

  117. I love the 1/2 Sleeve Flower Top

  118. I love The Jackie Dress.

  119. I love the paige dress.

  120. Avery Dress.

  121. I love the Ashley dress

  122. I liked the Taylor dress – very classic styling

  123. None , however my sister who I showed this blog to would love to wear Emma. I would give her the GC

    Thank you for the chance!

    Happyskunky at yahoo dot com

  124. I like the Jackie dress.

  125. Anne Dress

  126. I love the Anne dress in plum.

  127. Cowl Neck Top

  128. I love the paisley skirt.

  129. i love the bailey dress

  130. I like the Beaded Top

  131. Love the Serena dress in Cinnamon.

  132. I like the emma dress

  133. I love the blue Beaded Top.

  134. Shimmer Pencil Skirt

  135. Daisy!

  136. I want the Serena!

  137. love the lace top

  138. the cowl necked top in ash

  139. I like the p earl center flower necklace.

  140. I’d love the Anne dress

  141. i would like the rebecca

  142. I like the Taylor dress and about a zillion other things

  143. I like the dress Rebecca

  144. I’d like the eva dress

  145. I think the Rebecca dress would be lovely this summer.

  146. the butterfly necklace

  147. I like the Serena dress

  148. The Rebecca dress is my favorite.

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