Jun 112012

With an aspiring shark scientist in the house, I am always on the hunt for the best shark book. The search has taken me a bit all over, but I have managed to find quite a few great shark books along the way.

However, the best shark book by far is Sharks & Rays (Nature Company Guides) by Kevin Deacon, Peter Last, John E. McCosker, Terence I. Walker, Timothy C. Tricas, and Leighton R. Taylor (Editor).

My son received this shark book as a gift from my dad and his girlfriend a few years ago, but they brought it back from Europe, so he does not understand anything in it. It is still his very favorite because of the incredible details (which I attempt to translate), and the phenomenal images. I have been trying to hunt down an English version of this 288 page comprehensive shark book for years, and I have finally found it.

If you have a shark fan in your family, I can higly recommend this high-quality, hardcover shark book. Compared to a lot of great shark books, this book is actually fairly priced, and I finally ordered my son an English copy. A lot of the shark books for kids have a lot of repetitive information and photos, and this book clearly takes first place. This is not a children’s book, and it will surely be appreciated by shark fans of all ages.


Sharks & Rays  (Nature Company Guides)

New price: $12.49 + $3.99 shipping

Used price (in good condition) $4.30 + Free shipping on orders of $25+


Sharks and Rays is definitely the best shark book that I have ever encountered, and with five stars on Amazon I am clearly not the only one raving about this awesome shark book. It is the closest thing that I have come to a shark encyclopedia, and the wealth of information throughout these 288 pages is endless.

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  1. I think it’s very sweet you have a budding scientist who appreciates sharks 🙂 They are so maligned because of too much human-thinking-error, 🙁 Thanks for the tip and give your soon-to-be scientist a kiss cuz we NEED him/her/them!!


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