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It was a beautiful June afternoon in South Florida today, and once the shade set in over our backyard, it filled up with neighborhood kids. When I found out that it was Angel’s eight birthday today, I knew it was time to pull out a sweet treat. The perfect treat for a summer afternoon is definitely s’mores, but living in the city makes the usual bonfire impossible. The solution was s’mores city style over the grill, and the kids loved every minute of making their own s’mores creations.

Shopping at ALDI mAldi Smores Ingredientsakes treating my own sons and the neighborhood kids with ice cream, popsicles, ready made- and home-baked goods a lot easier, because the affordable ingredients makes me forget about the cost. Today’s s’mores were no different, as we were able to make s’mores for seven for less than $4 (+ $2.99 For Sprinkles), and there were even leftovers.


ALDI sent us this fabulous Taste of Summer kit, which included Benton’s Honey Graham Crackers, Baker’s Corner Marshmallows, a Choceur milk Chocolate Bar and Baker’s Corner Patriotic Sprinkles. This Taste of Summer Kit helped create summer memories for the kids in our neighborhood, and Angel got some extra special birthday memories.

Grilling Marshmallows

The Baker’s Corner Patriotic Sprinkles were an added bonus, and all of the boys were very fascinated by the many possibilities. The ability to choose their very favorite sprinkles, and perhaps even several kinds all at once, just made making s’mores even more memorable.



I will admit it, I am striving to become the “Mom with the fun” in our neighborhood, but I have a very good reason for my mission. I grew up on a farm, and raising kids in the city scares me immensely. This means that my kids have a lot less freedom than I used to have, and they have more rules than the other kids in our neighborhood.  The neighborhood kids are very aware that my boys cannot come out and play unless I am there, and yes we have rules around here. Still, by making lots of great homemade treats, and always having a supply of sweet treats and homemade goods I am able to pull in the kids despite the rules and supervision.


Grilling Smores


Somehow our neighborhood is just filled with boys, and when I throw my own three boys into the mix, there is always a lot of fun to be had. Take a look at some of the kids’ s’mores creations…

Smores with Sprinkles


The Benton’s Graham Crackers are some of the best graham crackers I have found, and at $1.49 for a 14.4 oz package, it is a value that is hard to beat. The Baker’s Corner Regular Marshmallows are perfect melt-in-your mouth marshmallows, and they worked great for making s’mores. After enjoying a couple of s’mores, some of the boys decided to roast marshmallows, squeeze them a little, and decorate them with sprinkles.


Marshmallows with sprinkles


The Choceur MilMarshmallow with sprinklesk Chocolate Bar is a favorite treat in my family, and it is great to be able to find high-quality, great-tasting Austrian chocolate at an affordable price. I used to have to track down speciality stores to find melt-in-your-mouth  milk chocolate, but ALDI has made my hunt a lot easier and a lot cheaper.


This is definitely not the last time we will be making ALDI s’mores, and I have to add the ALDI s’mores ingredients to our vacation list. Whether it is grilling meats, fruits, snacks for the road or paper plates and cups, ALDI is definitely our go to place for stocking up before we hit the road for new Florida adventures.





Even though ALDI does not accept coupons, I still spend a majority of my family’s grocery budget at ALDI  every week. Our familyMaking smores saved $600 by shopping at ALDI last year, just because of their low prices on high quality products and produce. Besides the low prices on produce, ALDI carries their own lines of affordable, high quality products, and this is where the big savings come in. We have done taste tests of many products, and ALDI never fails, which is why we keep coming back.


I also love the level of service, and the helpfulness of the employees at our local South Florida ALDI store. Somehow the smiles are contagious, and the customers always seem to leave ALDI happy. I often get questions from ALDI newbies about which products to try, which products they can save the most on etc. This is why I created the grocery price list, where shoppers can see which products they will get the most value for at ALDI.


Buy It

You can make your own frugal s’mores with affordable ingredients from ALDI.

Choceur Milk Chocolate Bar $1.49

Benton’s Graham Crackers $1.49

Baker’s Corner Regular Marshmallows $0.99

Baker’s Corner Patriotic Sprinkle Jar $2.99

You can also find lots of affordable food products and more for your 4th of July party, beach picnic or backyard barbecue in the ALDI summer catalog.

Summer Fun


Disclaimer: I received a Taste of Summer test kit from ALDI to facilitate this review. Any opinions expressed above are entirely my own, and no monetary compensation was received.

  3 Responses to “Making S’mores City Style – With A Little Help From ALDI”

  1. I, too, was a “koolaid” mom. I remember commercials from when I was little for Koolaid and there were always neighborhood kids in one yard and a mom serving Koolaid so I always said I wanted to be Koolaid mom. It was funner than being a kid :-). Aldi graham crackers taste just like Kraft Honeymaids before they changed their recipe. They are the best. Love the idea of sprinkles on the smores. I bet Angel had an extra special birthday because of it.

  2. I love the idea of the sprinkles on smores. I love ALDI. I used to shop there in Missouri, but I moved to Colorado and there is no ALDI here. Thank you for the great post!

  3. That would be difficult to raise kids in the city when your experience growing up was on a farm. Sounds like you’re doing things right, though! I personally am not a smores fan, but my family can’t go camping without them.

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