Jun 272012

50 percent off Target toy clearance 2012I spotted lots of Target clearance toys yesterday, and there were quiet a few toys at 50 percent off. This is a great time to shop for birthdays and Christmas, and it will be even better if you can hold off until the Target toy clearance makes it to 70 percent off. Last year we were lucky to get 75 percent off Target toy clearance, but it seems that it now only makes it to 70 percent off.

I am a bit hesitant about any Target toy clearance predictions for July 2012, because the Target toy clearance schedule seems to be a bit ahead of previous years. Last year the 75 percent off Target toy clearance summer sale began on July 28th, but by July 12th, the toy clearance was still only at 30 percent off. This year most of the toys are already at 30 percent off, and some toys are already marked at 50 percent off.

So my best advice to readers looking for great toy clearance deals is to watch and see. I will make sure to keep you updated, with clearance updates from my local South Florida stores, but your local Target clearance schedule may be a bit different.

When shopping the Target toy clearance sale, use the following tips.

  • Ask your local Target store, what day they mark down toy clearance. Around here it is usually on Thursday.
  • On your local Target toy clearance day, show up around 9:30 – 10 AM. Once the sale hits 75 percent off, the toys may go fast.
  • Bring a list with the names, genders and ages of all the kids you need to shop for during the year.
  • Consider whether your child(ren) attends classmates’s birthday parties, as you could find a couple of general girls and boys gifts for this purpose as well.
  • This is also a great time to purchase gifts for charity – think ahead for the holidays.
  • Unless you have a specific item in mind, wait until it goes to 70 percent off.
  • If you have your eyes on a specific product, pick it up at 50 percent off, and make sure to keep the receipt. Hold onto it, and if you find it at 70 percent off later on, you can return the product you bought at 50 percent off. It is essential that you have your receipt though, otherwise you will only get current sale price back. Chances are that the item you want may be gone, once the Target clearance sale goes to 70 percent off.
  • If you have several Target stores, try shopping at 2 or 3 different stores, once the sale hit 70 percent off.
  • Once you are done shopping, keep a list of all gifts you have bought throughout the year, and who you have yet to buy gifts for. Keep a list at home, and keep one in your purse, so that you can always check the list, whenever you find a great deal.
  • Don’t forget to consider shipping. This is usually one of my biggest problems, as I have nieces and nephews all around the world. I keep things small and light, and then I have everything wrapped and ready to go, whenever we have relatives coming to visit. Shipping a small shoesize box can easily cost $30, so I have to be very concious about shipping costs.

Frugality is most successful, if it goes hand in hand with organization. If you stay organized, you can get some great gifts without going over your gift budget.


These are some of the Target toy clearance finds at 50 percent off from this week:

Hot Wheels Classic Cars

Hot Wheels Classic Cars on toy clearance at Target for $ 7.48 (Was $14.99)


NASCAR Full Blast cars

NASCAR Full Blast cars on toy clearance at Target for $ 3.24 (Was $6.49)


Metal Mulisha

Metal Mulisha on Target toy clearance at $9.98 (Was $19.99)


Hot Wheels Fisher Price Trio Super Stunt Builder

Hot Wheels Fisher Price Trio Super Stunt Builder on Target toy clearance at $17.98 (Was $35.99)




Fisher Price Trio Bat Cave

Fisher Price Trio Bat Cave on Target toy clearance at $16.74 (Was $33.49)


Fisher Price Trio The Joker's Laugh Lab


Fisher Price Trio The Joker’s Laugh Lab  on Target toy clearance at $11.74 (Was $23.49)


Other great Target toy clearance finds:

Chuggington Braking Brewster Set

Chuggington Braking Brewster Set on toy clearance at Target for $ 27.98 (Was $39.99)


I found lots of girl toys on clearance at 30 percent off, and while there were a few at 50 percent off, I did not find anything exciting. I will make sure to let all of you know, as soon as I find 70 percent off Target toy clearance, but my best advice is to really start looking after the fourth of July.

I already finished Christmas and birthday shopping for my niece and nephews around, and gifts have been wrapped and sent off. At 70 percent off the original price, I was able to give them gifts that I could otherwise never afford. My youngest and my oldest sons birthdays are coming up, and I am only missing one big gift for my oldest son. Because I have bought everything at 70 percent off, I can now splurge a little extra on my son’s big gift, which I won’t order until two weeks before his actual birthday due to storing issues.

You can always find my latest Target deals here, and you can find the latest Target clearance posts here.

Do you have any Target toy clearance tips?

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