Jun 122012

On Monday the boys and I spent the morning at the beach, and afterward we went on a hunt for a superb playground in the shade. The waterfront neighborhood was very colorful, and we enjoyed walking in the shade on the tree-lined streets.

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bougainvillea and royal poinsiana
Lakeview seating
flowers by water
red dock
Of course it wouldn’t be a South Florida summer living post without a photo of our starting point…the beach!
Beach umbrella by the beac
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  22 Responses to “The Wordless Wednesday Linky: Summer Living”

  1. Wow, I want to live there!!

  2. what a beautiful place to walk & live! I would love to see flowers year round & enjoy the beach.

  3. I could live like that. 🙂

  4. Wow, what a beautiful place. Some really great shots too.

    Have a terrific summer and WW. 🙂

  5. How lovely! Seems like a resort!

  6. Beautiful photos!!

  7. This makes me so excited for summer holidays!!! 🙂

  8. I love all your photos! I can’t even choose a favorite! Thank you so much for sharing!

    Happy WW! 🙂

  9. Ohhh, I so want to relax in the hammock!

  10. I agree with Theresa, I think that hammock is calling my name.

  11. Love your photos! You live in a beautiful area 🙂

    Happy WW!

  12. Almost makes me want to come down to Florida….

  13. What lovely summer shots. I especially love the hammock, it looks so inviting.

  14. Nice, I don’t mind any of that. As a matter of fact, I think my life should be that way everyday.:-)

  15. Oh I just love the beach! You’ve captured some unusual (and beautiful) details that could be easily overlooked too.

  16. Gorgeous photos! Love the frangipanis!

  17. Oooh, I would love to have a hammock in the backyard. Too bad we have no trees!

  18. Love all the photos

  19. gorgeous photos

  20. Today’s my 3rd Blogaversary and my birthday! Yeah I’m 39 AGAIN! hehehe I’m not getting presents I”m giving. Come see my Gala Give-Away!

  21. Summer in all its glory! Wonderful shots. Thanks for hosting.

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