Jun 192012

DogsMy oldest son is extremely eager to get his own dog, but having grown up with dogs, I know that owning a dog takes a lot of responsibility. Dog safety is especially important, since we live in the city, where extra precautions should be taken to keep a dog and everyone around it safe. I have put together a list of the top dog safety tips, which helps me have a conversation with my son about the responsibilities that come with dog ownership and everything else regarding dogs such as dog training collars, dog vaccinations, dog food and more


The Top Dog Safety Tips

  1. A dog always needs to wear a dog-collar appropriate to its size, and it needs to include an ID tag with current contact information.
  2. Never leave your dog alone in a car, because a car can easily overheat, even with the windows closed or parked in the shade on a hot day.
  3. Dog poisons are many, and they can be a part of your everyday life. The list of top dog poisons include plants such as lilies, sago palms, rhododendrons and other common plants, but household cleaners, household chemicals such as antifreeze, drain cleaners are also dangerous for dogs. Of course, chocolate is another product in our every day lives, which dogs need to stay away from.
  4. Do not leave your dog unsupervised in an area, where there is a risk that your dog could be harassed or stolen.
  5. Always make sure that your dog has access to water.
  6. A dog always needs to have access to shade and shelter for bad weather.
  7. Never try to pet a dog that is eating or sleeping.
  8. Keep your dog safe by keeping vaccinations and flea treatments current.
  9. In the hot months, it is especially important that you walk your dogs in the grass, as the sidewalk, road pavement and sand can get extremely hot and burn a dog’s paws.
  10. Finally, a dog can sun burn, so don’t let your dog stay in the sun for too long. There are special dog sunscreens, and do not use sunscreens for humans, as these can be dangerous for dogs.


Having a dog is a big responsibility, and having a dog in the city is even more so. Here in South Florida aggressive dogs are especially common, and unfortunately not all dog owners practise safe dog ownership. Nevertheless, even the sweetest dog can feel threatened and react, so it is always important to respect and be aware of a dog’s reaction and personal space. Not everyone is ready for the responsibility that comes with having a dog, and unfortunately animal shelters across the country are seeing the results thereof. Although I would love to have a dog, our backyard is not created for a dog, so at our house we have started out with a rabbit. Having a rabbit gives my sons a great sense of the work and responsibilities that come with having a pet, and it is a great way to prepare them for the day, when we can finally have our own family dog.

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  1. Just wanted to add to your vaccinations/flea medicine is NEVER forget heartworm medicine! I missed a couple months and I paid for it. My yellow lab got infected with heartworm which we found out last summer about (thankfully we had him tested) and was treated 2 weeks later for it with injections which can be very deadly for a dog not to mention expensive! The shots contain arsenic and can kill the animal as well as the dead worms that die can cause death if they get into a main artery. He also spend 3 months in a crate and was only taken out to eat and go outside on a leash. He had to be very quiet and calm (yeah right he’s a lab!). So please, I learned the hard way never forget your dogs heartworm meds, 12 mths year round! I won’t take that chance again! Luckily for us he’s a healthy, rambunctious 9 year old who acts 2!

    • You are so right Debbie, thanks for adding this. It sounds like your lab has been through quite an ordeal, but I am happy to hear that he is still happy and healthy.

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