Walmart Price Match Deals: Watermelon $1.49 – Saved $18

watermelon price match

I have said it before, but everytime I return home from Walmart, I feel like saying it again. I LOVE THE WALMART PRICE MATCHING POLICY! Between the great weekly produce deals at ALDI, and the great price matching deals on produce at Walmart, my family is eating more fresh fruit and veggies than ever, and our grocery budget remains the same.


My Walmart Price Match Deals:

2 x Watermelons at $4.98 = $9.96 – (Sedano price match at $1.49) = $2.98 ($1.49 each)

3 x cucumbers at $0.78 = $2.34 Р(Sedano price match at 3 for $0.99) = 0.99 ($0.33 each)

Iceberg lettuce $1.25 – (Sedano price match at $0.79) =0.79

2 lb carrots $1.48 Р(Bravo price match at $0.99) = $0.99

Romaine lettuce $1.88 – (Bravo price match at $0.99) =$0.99

12 corn on the cob at $0.33 each – (Penn Dutch price match at 6 for $0.99) = $1.98 ($0.17 each)

FarmRich Jalepeno Peppers $5.48 – (Free FarmRich coupon from blogging promotion) = FREE

Cutter citronella candle $0.97 – ($1 cutter coupon RP 5/2-) = FREE


Tax $0.39

Total out of pocket $9.14

Total saved $18.64


To see a complete picture of my family’s weekly grocery shopping, and to share your own grocery posts, check out the Weekly Savings Linky every Friday.


You can always find my latest Walmart Price Match deals here. My price match deals are from South Florida, but you can easily do the same in your area. Simply go through the ads (or check online ads) from your local stores, and then bring a list of your best finds to your local Walmart.



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