Jul 052012

Target dollar spot clearance

My boys and I lucked out today, as we arrived at Target just as the Target summer dollar spot items were being marked to 50 percent off. I found a couple of classic books to the collection, and I also picked up a few items for Christmas stockings, birthdays and such.



Revlon Nail polish $3.94 – $1 Revlon Nail Product SS 7/26 and $3 Revlon coupon from make up bag coupon book = FREE ($0.06 money maker)

Buy 1 Comet Stainless Steel Powder Cleaner at $1.99 – $1 Comet Stainless Cleaner Coupon and – $1 Comet Stainless Cleaner Target coupon) = FREE

2 x Paddleballs on clearance at $0.50 each

2 x Paperback classics @ $1.25 each

3 x water balloons @ $0.50 each

2 x star ice cube trays @ $0.50 each

Hammerhead shark toy @ $0.50 each

– $0.10 in reusable bag discounts

Tax $0.50

Total out of pocket $6.83

Total saved $13.18


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Have you spotted any great Target clearance lately?


  2 Responses to “50 Percent Off Target Dollar Spot Clearance”

  1. Nice! Thanks for the Revlon idea. 🙂

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