Jul 072012

I had the feeling that today w70 percent off Target Clearance dollar spotas the day that the Target Dollar Spot was going to go on 70 percent off Target clearance, and I was right. The boys and I got there early, as we wanted to beat the heat, and we arrived just in time for the markdowns.

After Target we walked to Target, where the boys could run off some energy at the water park area.

I added lots of goodies to the party baskets for birthday parties, I found a few stocking stuffers, some classic books and I picked up lots of goodies for my niece and nephews packages. I have already sent off their holiday gifts, but I like to send off a small package once in a while with candy and goodies, just so that they know we are thinking of them.

I got a few things when the sale hit 50 percent off at another store, just in case I didn’t make it to 70 percent off, but I sure am glad that I held off with the gifts for my niece and nephews.


My 70 Percent Off Target Clearance finds:

3 classic paperbacks @ $0.70 each

2 x Wall decor $0.30

Sesame Street Bath book $0.30

Dust brush $0.30

Kids duo flatware $0.30

Level 2 Reader $0.30

Scrunchies $0.30

Tattoos $0.30

2 x growing ocean life @ $0.30 each

3 x bubble necklaces @ $0.30 each

Tiara wand $0.30

Necklace $0.30

Hello Kitty tin box $0.30

3 x Disney coloring books @ $0.30 each

3 x kids sunglasses @ $0.30 each

Balloons $0.30

2 x Thank you cards 8 ct @ $0.30 each

8 x Party invitations 8 ct @ $0.30 each

3 x cupcake lines @ $0.30 each

2 x  Party picks @ $0.30 each

Horseshoe game $0.70

 Tax $0.83

Total out of pocket $14.63

Total saved $32.20

Target dollar spot clearance july 2012


Target clearance dollar spot

Frugal Party Supplies Target Dollar Spot Clearance

Target Clearance Stocking Stuffers

As you can probably tell, I just love shopping at the 70 percent off Target Dollar Spot clearance. It’s just like shopping at a 30 cents store, and I wait for the sale all season. You can always find my latest Target clearance finds here, or you can check the top navigation bar under clearance.


  5 Responses to “70 Percent Off Target Dollar Spot Clearance – Saved $32”

  1. I so wish I had a Target nearby! So many items would be perfect for filling my shoe boxes for kids in crisis. And I’d personally like one of those horse shoe games :-).

  2. I got some great deals yesterday some books from sesame street snack bins and two pack plates with little lions .30 cents each. I left the crab sign and now it’s calling my name, may just go back I also scored some note pads w a magnet for lists. I wonder do these go to 90 percent off or is this the lowest it gets…my stingy self needs to know . Also anyone know when the 90 percent off fourth of July begins? Thanks n happy shopping

    • Lola, I have never seen the dollar spot make it all the way to 90 percent off. The summer stuff usually goes at 50 percent, and if you are lucky some will remain until 70 percent off, but again it rarely makes it to 90 percent off.

      • thanks 🙂 glad i got what i got when i went bc i went yesterday and it was all gone!! I willl be stalking the summer clearance, yesterday stuff was at 30-50 percent off, please keep us updated if u hear anything 🙂 happy clearancing!

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