Jul 272012

Target Clearance Deals

I was hoping to pick up a few gifts at the 70 percent off Target toy clearance sale, but since I was a day late, I did not find much that I could use (althought there were plenty of toys left at 70 percent off). I did pick up a few gifts last week, when 70 percent off toy sale began, but at that point only a few things had gone to 70 percent off. Thankfully, my gift closet is still full from the after-Christmas sale, and I have already sent off all birthday and Christmas gifts to my nieces and nephews, so I was not in a desparate need this time around. I am also waiting for the summer goods and pool items to go on sale, as this is usually the highlight for us here in South Florida.


Target Clearance Deals:

2 x Harmonicas on clearance sale at Target for $3.35 (Was $11.19 each)

Drawing paper on sale at $1

2 x 6 pack gluesticks at $1 each

Pencil case $0.49

Pencil case $1.24

Poly folder $0.52

Heath baking toffee on clearance at $1.32 (Was $2.64)

Tax $0.71

– $0.15 in Target Reusable Bag discount

Total out of pocket $13.81

Total saved $21.75


Did you find any great deals at the 70 percent off Target toy clearance sale?

  4 Responses to “70 Percent Off Target Toy Clearance – Saved $21”

  1. I was also a couple days late to the Target toy sale. Most of the good stuff was already gone, but I did find a few items that I’m saving in my gift closet to use as birthday gifts throughout the fall (last year the kids in my daughter’s class had so many birthday parties that I learned that I need to stock up on clearance toys).

  2. I went that afternoon (thur) and I only found a couple of things. most things were gone, as my store didn’t have much anyway.. but alot of our stuff was still only 50% off. I did get a Go fish game set for my 3 yrold for his birthday and my 8 yr old a spongebob pirates lego set, i think that was 50%, either way $17 was a good price. My grandma was so happy she took both items to give the boys in a couple weeks for their birthdays!

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