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I pondered for about two years about whether or not I should switch blogging platform from blogger to WordPress, and I finally made the move this past spring. You can read more about my Blogger to WordPress move here. Since then, I have come to realize that switching from Blogger to WordPress was one of the best blogging decisicions that I could make, because it has give me more freedom, flexibility and the pageviews jumped almost instantly.

At first WordPress seemed confusing and limiting, but once I discovered how to utilize WordPress plugins to turn the blog into what I wanted it to be, everything just worked out perfectly. I realize that there are many other bloggers, who are pondering a move as well, so I wanted to share my favorite WordPress Plugins with all of you.


The Best Wordpress Plugins:


Akismet: Protects your blog from trackback and comment spam


All in One SEO Pack: Provides great tools for easy SEO optimization.


BackWPup: WordPress back up


Broken Link Checker: Gives an easy way to stay up dated on broken links, and makes it simple to fix the links again.


BulletProof Security: Provides added security, adn helps protect again hacking.


FD Feedburner Plugin: Redirects all feeds to a feedburner feed


Google Analytics for WordPress: A simple way to add Google Analytics to your WordPress blog.


Google XML Sitemaps: Helps the big search engines better organize your blog by providing a sitemap.


Image Widget: A great WordPress plugin, which provides you with more flexibility when using images in your sidebar etc.


Maintain Blogger Permalinks: Helps keep your old blogger urls, when you move from Blogger to WordPress.


Official StatCounter Plugin: In addition to Google Analytics, using statcounter provides live keyword and visitor data.


Pinterest “Pin It” Button: A simple way to help other Pinterest users pin your images.


SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam: Add Captcha to your readers blog comments. This will help spam comments, and if you do not have it, comment bots can easily overload your website.


Twitter Facebook Social Share: Add social buttons to your blog


Widget Logic: Enables you to have more flexibility over your widgets, images and ads through simple codes. As an example, you can enable ads to be shown only on the main page by using the code: is_home()


WP Super Cache: Helps cashing your blog, and helps keep it running smoothly.


You can find more blogging tips under the blogging tips tab in the top navigation bar.

The plugins above are all free, and I have not encountered any problems using them. You can download the best WordPress plugins here, or you can go to the plugin tab in your WordPress dashboard for a direct upload to your blog.


What are your favorite WordPress plugins?

  9 Responses to “Best WordPress Plugins”

  1. Great tips, JR, reading your blog tips has been a big help in setting up my own travel blog http://www.ramblingrosy.com – so thank you from the bottom of my heart:)

    I do have three questions for you – just point me in the right direction please! I’m using the same wordpress theme, except right now I’m totally frustrated with it.

    How do I get a colored text box like the disclaimer you inserted above?
    Where can I find information on creating and then inserting a blog button to click on – like yours?
    How can I increase the text size of my blog title?

    • Rose, I completely understand your frustration, it took a lot of work to figure out how to work with the theme, but once you figure it out, it has endless opportunities. Go to appearances, then choose suffusion options, and this is where you can move things around, change fonts etc. There are so many options though, that it may be a bit overwhelming at first.

      The colored text box above was one of my last frustrations… What I did to make it was, http://www.picmonkey.com, where I created the image/text. Then I used the WP insert plugin, which gave me different options of where to put the image. I clicked manage ads, and then I chose to put it below the the post.

      As for the blog button…you can find more info in this post: http://www.frugalityisfree.com/2011/04/how-to-make-blog-button-with-text-box.html

      I suggest you create a 125 x 125 square in your computer’s paint program. Then upload it to http://www.picmonkey.com, and you can start making the button to fit your needs. You can also use one of your own images, and then add text and crop it at picmonkey.

      Finally, once you have created the button, you go to http://www.mycoolrealm.com/sandbox/gbgen/ and enter the information to create a clickable blog button.

      BTW, I tried to leave a comment on your blog, but for some reason, it kept giving me an error message.

      • Thanks a million, JR – I’m dreaming about suffusion at this point:) I’ll check into the comment situation – I made so many changes today involving the comments, who knows what happened.

        BTW – have a look at this post


        He’s got some awesome suggestions (I liked the spam, security, tinymce and the one at the end the wp touch plugin in particular) and in the sidebar there are tutorials for suffusions – might come in handy
        I chose the yoast seo plug in, because of all the good things I read about it on line.

        I haven’t even made it through all of his suggestions for setting up my blog. If you read the blog let me know what you think about the section on SEO.

        … and I may have found a simple solution for the text box – the tinymce plug in looks like the answer to everything – simple and no coding.

        Thanks again for your help – I’ll be back in about a month, maybe we can work on something together then.
        PS – I’ll send you a gather mail with my e-mail and phone so we can get in touch.

  2. Oh and to answer your question – my favorite plug in is the weather forecast – too cool and so appropriate for my travel blog.
    Love that it has option for the icon displays from cartoonish to plain or modern and you can choose one day or up to five days etc…

  3. Those lists of WordPress plugins are great. It’s very helpful for bloggers/Wordpress owners.

  4. Thank you for sharing this tip. I will consider it if I decide to start a blog. Thank you!

  5. I have a blog and it isn’t wordpress that is made up for me and I haven’t even used it for I don’t know how to start out. I am not sure what to do first. I guess I am not sure enough to start yet so I just keep pondering. Thanks for the tips. I am going to start reading them closer too.

  6. I can’t believeI am commenting here again. It has been years!! I still haven’t got far on my blogs even though I have one that is fancy! Nice tips!

  7. I was totally unaware that there were any plug-ins for WordPress. I am now looking so much more forward to using this.

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