Jul 052012

CVS freebie

Did you get your CVS freebie this week? If not there is still time, just head over to the CVS Facebook page, and request the CVS coupon you like. If you choose the $2 off any candy or beverage it could be a freebie, if you choose an item with a price of $2 or less. You can also choose a free 5 x 7 photo, or a $3 off $15 healh or beauty purchase.

I have not been to CVS in weeks, but I have $2 CVS extra bucks, which I need to use before it expires, so I am taking my CVS freebie coupon with me.

How to get your CVS Freebie:

1. Like CVS on Facebook to get your CVS coupon

2. Fill in your CVS card number

3. Choose your preferred coupon

4. Check your email (the coupon will be sent instantly)


Enjoy your CVS freebie!

You can check out Simply CVS for the latest CVS coupons, CVS deals and more.


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  1. […] and having three boys in tow did not make me want to go into CVS either. Now, when I discovered the $2 Candy or Beverage CVS coupon, I knew I had to make a stop […]

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