Jul 122012

Free at Target


I made a quick stop at Target to see if I could find anything free at Target this week. I lucked out and got both free St. Ives Apricot Scrubs and a free Merona top. I also picked up some meat on markdown, and that’ll be served for dinner tonight. Buying the Hydrogen Peroxide even triggered a new $0.75 Up & Up First Aid coupon, so it will make another freebie for next week.


Free at Target and More

Merona top on clearance at Target for $2.70 – $3 Merona coupon = FREE

4 x St. Ives Apricot Scrub at $0.97 – 4 x $1/1 St. Ives coupons = FREE

Hydrogen Peroxide $0.52 – $0.75 Up and Up First Aid coupon = FREE

Blast off copters on clearance at $1.48

Up & Up Drawing Pad $1.99

Up & Up Erasers $0.50

Beef $5.96 – $3 Target Meat Markdown = $2.96

– $0.10 Target Reusable Bag Discount


Tax $0.44

Total out of pocket $7.27

Total saved $19.32


Did you find anything free at Target this week?

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