Jul 052012

Free at CVS

I had $2 CVS Extra Bucks which were expiring this week, so I knew I finally had  to make my way back to CVS. I had taken a CVS break due to a lack of deals, and having three boys in tow did not make me want to go into CVS either. Now, when I discovered the $2 Candy or Beverage CVS coupon, I knew I had to make a stop today.

I did not find much, but I did get a couple of good deals, and I only had to pay tax.


Here are my Free At CVS Deals:

3 x Dove Chocolate Bars on sale at $0.75 each – $2 CVS candy coupon = $0.25

L’eggs women’s socks on 50 percent of clearance at $1.75

Salma Hayek Nuance shampoo sample $2.99 – Free coupon from CVS scanner = FREE

– $2 CVS Extra Bucks from previous shopping trip

Tax $0.43

Total out of pocket $0.43

Total saved $11.19

CVS Extra Bucks Back $0.50 from shopping at CVS this spring.


Did you get any CVS freebies this week? Come share your CVS deals at the WEEKLY SAVINGS LINKY right here at Frugality Is Free.

Check out the free candy at CVS post to see how you can get yours too.

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