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As more and more companies are releasing printable coupons, it is very easy to run up printing costs, and if you are using a regular inkjet printer the cost are sure to add up quickly. There are several steps that you can take to Save on printing, but in the long run purchasing a reliable laser printer will be the most cost efficient solution.

How to Save On Printing:

  1. Set your default printer setting to fast (some printers use the light/dark/normal setting – choose light or draft setting) Go to Devices and Printers, right click on your preferred printer, click printer preferences. From here on options may vary, and you may need to go to advanced options)
  2. Set your default printer setting to grayscale.
  3. When you print coupons, make sure to hit cancel as soon as your coupon comes through to avoid printing any ink-costly ads.
  4. When using coupons.com, try to print coupons in sets of 3s, as ads may print after a single coupon print.
  5. When printing single coupons, make sure to turn your paper around to use the same paper for a second print.
  6. Use paper scraps from printing coupons for notes, grocery lists, kids crafts, homework practice etc. (I usually save ours for spelling practice and my son’s math calculations)
  7. Buy ink on Amazon, because of the low prices, competiton and great return policy.
  8. If possible use a generic ink or toner cartridge. (Not all printers will accept generic ink)
  9. Buy in bulk, as this will often help you save on printing needs.
  10. Before you buy a new printer, make sure to check reviews in regards to generic ink.
  11. Use coupons to buy ink and toner cartridge (Office Depot often releases a $10 off $25 coupon)
  12. Check with your local office store, many stores offers you rewards for recycling certain cartridges (We recycle our Canon cartridges at Office Depot)



My family has gone through many printers over the years, and the first thing we have concluded is that buying a cheap Lexmark printer is not worth it in the long run. Our best printers have been our current Canon inkjet printer and our Samsung laser printer, but the ink cost is high.

The Samsung laser printer provides the best value in the long run, because a toner cartridge can last 1000 – 2000 prints, and we have finally found a generic compatible Samsung toner cartridge that works.

The first generic toner cartridge that we ordered on Amazon did not work, it simply made our printer make a loud noise and that was it. Thankfully, you can return the cartridge to Amazon within 30 days, if the product does not work.

After that our Samsung was workless for a few months, while we used the expensive canon printer. When we finally decided to buy a regular Samsung cartridge, I hesitated at the last minute, and I sure am glad I did. I decided to order a second generic Samsung toner cartridge from a different company, and this time around it turned out great. I ordered 2 x Compatible Toners For Samsung Printers, and these work perfectly. They are printing great, and there have been no issues.

So at $15 per toner after shipping, this is half the cost of our Canon printer cartridge, and it is $65 cheaper than the original Samsung toner cartridges. My family’s lesson learned is not to give up, and to make sure to use Amazon’s 30 day return policy, if a product doesn’t work.


If you think a laser printer is out of your reach, do a little research. Save up Amazon gift cards (see where I earn Amazon gift cards under the “earning money online” tab in the top navigation bar). You can get a basic laser printer for less than $80. Check out some of the most popular laser printers on Amazon.

Brother Printer HL2230 Monochrome Printer

List price: $71.35

Amazon price: $119.99

4 1/2 out of 5 stars

Brother HL-2270DW Compact Laser Printer with Wireless Networking and Duplex
List price: $89.99

Amazon price: $149.99

4 1/2 out of 5 stars


You can find more laser printers at Amazon.


If you do a lot of printing, use the printing tips above to save on printing. Between using the tips above and using our laser printer with a generic toner cartridge, my family is saving a lot of money on printing every year. I no longer have to worry about printing coupons, because the cost is much less than with our regular inkjet printer.

  6 Responses to “Save On Printing”

  1. This info comes at a good time as we are thinking of replacing our printer. I would have never thought to consider a laser printer – but now I will look into it, before I buy.
    Bookmarking to check it all out! Thanks:)

  2. Great tips. I am reluctant most of the time to print out coupons because I have found it to be such a waste of toner and paper. Thank you so much, I loved the post.

  3. Check Craigslist for ink/toner cartridges. You can often find them for as little as $1. I’ve had great luck in the past!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing these helpful tips on saving on printing costs. I do print lots of coupons. I also work from home as a virtual assistant, so I’m always in need of ink.

  5. This is the first time I seen this posting. All I can say is WOW what great tips and ideas on printer ink. I use a lot of ink as I print out a lot of genealogy information for others. The ink is expensive. I do take my empty ones to Staples for a credit. I used to get the refilled ones for way cheaper but I had to buy a new printer -all shucks : ( cant use theirs anymore. Thanks so much for this information.

  6. I’ve been using most of these ideas, but never thought about idea number 4. So glad I read this – great idea.

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