Jul 282012

Amazon has put themselves in the back-to-school shopping game with up 50 percent off on lots of school supplies, but my favorite Amazon deal is the Scotch Thermal Laminator 15.5 Inches x 6.75 Inches x 3.75 Inches, 2 Roller System (TL901). The Scotch Thermal Laminator is on sale for only $30, which is a savings of $50.

With 4 1/2 out of 5 stars on Amazon and more than 450 reviews, this laminator is definitely on the top of my wish list.


Technical Details

    • Laminates items up to 9 inches wide
    • Two roller system with two temperature settings
    • Suitable for use with photos
    • Will laminate pouches up to 5 mil thick
    • Two 9.4″ x 11″ laminating pouches included
Whether you want to laminate flash cards for the kids, create special signs, invitations or protect diplomas, a laminator has many uses. If you are a crafter, a laminator can provide endless new craft opportunities, and whether you use it for home or professional use, it has a variety of uses.
Do you have a laminator?

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