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thredup logoDid you start back-to-school shopping yet? This year I did a little back-to-school shopping on ThredUp, which is one of hottest online kids consignment stores. You can find high-quality, name brand kids clothing for affordable prices at ThredUp, and the best part is that you can consign the clothes your kids have grown out of as well. See the bottom of this post for an exclusive ThredUp promo code, and find out how you can easily get $5 to shop at ThredUp.

Signing up for ThredUp is extremely easy, and the site is very simple and straightforward to navigate as well. You can choose from gender, sizes, category or brand, and the prices are very reasonable.  If you click on a piece of clothing, you can even use an enlargement tool to see every little detail of the clothing.

I have three boys, so my two youngest sons are pretty much set with hand-me-downs from my older son, and they just need a few new pieces once in a while. However, my oldest son is growing faster than I can shop for him, and he is now wearing a size 12. On my back-to-school shopping list for my oldest son I had uniform shorts and a sweater for colder winter days, and I found just what I needed at ThredUp.

ThredUp Box

Although my son is not into brand names yet, I know that he is becoming more aware, so I was thrilled to find a Quicksilver sweatshirt that fit perfectly for my son. It is warm and soft, has the perfect thickness for South Florida winter mornings, and it came in great condition. The shorts that I found also arrived in mint condition with no obvious signs of wear, and I did not find a single stain on any of the pieces of clothing.


My ThredUp order:

ThredUp Purchase


The ThredUp clothing came neatly folded in a special ThredUp box, and it was clear that the clothing had been packed with great care. My son was very excited about his new gently-used clothes from ThredUp, and he especially loves his new Quicksilver sweater.


Quicksilver used


It arrived quickly, and I also received a ThredUp bag, so that I can consign some of my sons’ clothes as well. Once you fill up the ThredUp bag, you simply pass it on to your mail man, as the postage is prepaid. Once the clothing has been sorted by ThredUp, the money will be put into your account, and you can either cash out through Paypal or use it at ThredUp. You don’t have to buy at ThredUp to send off your used kids clothes for consignment, and you do not have to consign your clothes to buy. You can use ThredUp for your needs, whether you want to buy or sell used kids clothes.

If you want an estimate of how much your clothing is worth, ThredUp even has a tool you can use to find out how much they will pay for each clothing. I cannot wait to send off my first ThredUp bag, because I would much rather send off a bag than have to do a yard sale this fall.


What I love About ThredUp

  • The affordable prices
  • The quality of the clothes – you only find the best used kids clothes at ThredUp.
  • Lots of great brands including The Gap, Gymboree, Ralph Lauren, Children’s Place and many more brands.
  • The selection of clothes for kids of all ages
  • The $5 sign up bonus
  • Free shipping on orders of $40
  • It’s an easy way to sell your used children’s clothes from the comfort of your home.


I love the ThredUp referral system, because your friends will get $5 ThredUp cash to shop for, when they sign up and you will too. So, if you think ThredUp is for you, I would of course love it, if you would use my ThredUp sign up link to get started.



Get $5 For ThedUp + A ThredUp Discount

Once you sign up for ThredUp you will get a $5 credit, and you can use this ThredUp promo code: TU10 to get 10 percent off your first ThredUp order. You can also try using the ThredUp promo code RB87CJ3 to get 20 percent off your first order, or you can use AUGUST20 to get 20 percent off your August purchase.




Disclaimer: I received a complimentary ThredUp discount to shop at ThredUp for the purpose of writing a review, no monetary  compensation was received.  Any opinions expressed above are based solely on my experience the used kids clothes  from ThredUp.

  17 Responses to “ThredUp Review – Get $5 To Shop At ThredUP”

  1. I would love to know if the kid is happy with the jacket. As the get older it gets harder to please.

    I find taking them each on a special date for back to school clothes works for me we go to thrift and new. They have a card from me that states how much I will spend and what items to look for.

    Example I have a 16 year old daughter.
    I will buy her two pairs of jeans value not more than $30 each pair from me.
    One pair of black slacks value from me $12.00
    One pair of khaki pants value from me $8.00
    One white dress shirt and one skirt value from me $30
    One church dress value from me $8.00
    One pair of everyday shoes value from me $30.00
    One pair of dress shoes value from me $20.00

    I get final say on yes or no
    The list goes on to 5 shirts 3 sweaters one coat we shop the closet they have at home first.
    If they do not need the item the money does not get spent.
    My value plus coupons plus there own cash is what they have to spend along with any gift cards that they have from previous gifts.

    My daughter will buy her black pants , khaki, gym clothes and some tshirts from thift stores, she has also found purses and coats she likes there. Her Jeans she gets with coupons and watches for sales. Her sweaters she wants from a very expensive name brand store she uses gift cards her cash and my value to get what she wants.

    I do not over spend they wear what they want to wear and there are no fights over clothing that is not appropriate or ugly or falling apart due to purchase price too cheap.

    I do special dates with each child.

  2. Thanks for letting us know about this!! I will check it out!

  3. Now to get a child to buy for :-). Great concept.

  4. I have not heard of this before. This is great. I will surely check this out for my grandson and great grand daughter. They grow out of their clothes to fast. And I really like the prices to.

  5. Looks like a great site. I have never heard of it. Perfect timing, for back to school. Thank you.

  6. This is great and the only way top shop! Thanks!

  7. I can’t wait to research this more.

  8. Looks like a great site.

  9. Never heard of this before but seem great. I love low, low prices. LOL!

  10. The website looks great

  11. hope u enjoy!


  13. Fantastic idea! Also since I just moved to Central FL it is interesting to see what you think is good for S Fl mornings!

  14. What a great find!

  15. This seems great, indeed!

  16. Thanks for the info.

  17. awesome info thank you

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