Jul 272012

Walgreens School Supplies


I was hoping to pick up a bunch of school supplies at Walgreens, but since we could not get there until today, they were of course out of most items on my shopping list. I did pick up a bunch of erasers, a free 8 x 10 photo, which I ordered a long time ago, and some cheap Milky Way bars.


My Walgreens Deals:

4 x Milky Way bars on sale at $0.59 each = $2.36 – (2 x $1/2 Milky Way Coupons) = $0.36 ($0.09 each)

9 x 2 pack erasers on sale at $0.29 each w/ in-ad coupon = $2.61

8 x 10 Photo $2.99 – Free online offer = Free

Tax $0.25

Total out of pocket $3.22

Total saved $17.51


I rarely shop at Walgreens, and it sure takes a good deal to get me in the store, but I was relieve to walk out of there without a headache this time around.

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