Jul 192012

Walmart Price Matching Fruit and Veggies


Last week I did not make it to Walmart, so this week the produce drawer needed a little refreshing, and my oldest son was in dire need of Watermelon. Despite the heat, I have been able to harvest a couple of fresh tomatoes from the garden every day, but my tomato plants are not loving the heat.

I was also able to price match school supplies with the Toys R Us price on Crayola Crayons, so now I can cross another item off the back-to-school list. My kids go through a lot of crayons every year, so I made sure to get plenty at such a great price.


Crayola Crayons


My Walmart Price Matching Deals:

Strawberries $1.78

2 x Watermelon @ $3.98 = $7.96 – (Walmart Price Matching w/ Bravo @ $2.99 each) = $5.98

2 x Lettuce @ $ $1.38 = $2.76 – (Walmart Price Matching w/ Bravo @ $0.89 each) = $1.78

Hass Avocado $0.94 – (Walmart Price Matching w/ Bravo @ $0.69 each) = $0.69

4 x Cucumbers @ $0.78 = $3.12 – (Walmart Price Matching w/ Bravo @  4 for $1) = $1 ($0.25 each)

2 x Green Avocados  @ $1.28 = $2.56 – (Walmart Price Matching w/ Penn Dutch @ 2 for $0.99) = $0.99 ($.50 each)

2.89 lbs of Bananas @ $0.59/lb = $1.71 – (Walmart Price Matching w/ Presidente @ $0.39/lb) = $1.13 – $1 Del Monte Fresh Produce Coupon from blogging promotion = $0.13

12 x Crayola Crayons @ $0.50 each = $6 – (Walmart Price Matching w/ Toys R Us @ $0.25 each) = $3 ($.25 each)


Total out of pocket $15.35

Total saved $11.48

  3 Responses to “Walmart Price Matching On School Supplies, Fruits and Veggies – Saved $11”

  1. What Walmart do u go to that price matches I’m I’m Miami by the 87 th avenue one just wondering since I always get problems down here w couponing n stuff, down here I feel cashiers r anti coupons. Please lemme know how this works like do I bring in the ads from like OfficeMax n stuff thanks

    • All walmarts price match just go to walmarts website it’s in their online policy. And you don’t have to bring the locals ads they are suppose to have them. I tried it because there are some good sales but i dont get all the ads and the cashier said I had to have the ad I said call your manager, the manager face dropped and then she said give it to her it’s true I have the papers in the office if needed.

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