Jul 062012

No matter how much I wanted to just skip shopping this week, there was just no way out. We were out of three essentials: orange juice, whole wheat bread and water melon, and shopping had to be done. So, I dragged my three boys along, and together we managed to pick up the best deals to squeeze in everything we wanted and needed. We got all of the shopping done in one day, and I sure am happy that shopping is done and over with.

I managed to stay within the grocery budget of $65 a week….but the week’s not over yet:)

How did you do? Did you stay within your budget?


Check out my ALDI Shopping

ALDI foods


ALDI Discount Shopping

Spent a total of $18.55

Saved $8.40 Compared to the lowest prices at the lowest competitor prices

Check out my PUBLIX Shopping

Publix deals Motts juice


My Publix Deals

Total out of pocket $14.39

Total saved $23.85

Check out my Target Deals

Target Dollar Spot Clearance

Check out my Target clearance Deals

Total out of pocket $6.83

Total saved $13.18

Check out my Walmart Deals

free at Walmart

See my free at Walmart deals

Total out of pocket $11.58

Total saved $21.04

Check out my CVS deals

free at CVS

Check out my Free at CVS deals here

Total out of pocket $0.43

Total saved $11.19

$0.50 CVS Extra Bucks Back

Total saved $62.51

My Weekly Totals

My Weekly Grocery Spendings $44.52

My Weekly Grocery Savings $53.29

My Weekly Clothes and Extra Spending $7.26

My Weekly Clothes and Extra Savings$24.37

My Weekly Spendings For A Family of 5 $51.78

My Weekly Savings For A Family of 5 $77.66

Grocery Giveaways at Frugality Is Free

Win a $25 Publix Gift Card Giveaway

I would love to see how you did, so please feel free to link up below at the Weekly Savings Linky.

  2 Responses to “Weekly Savings Linky – Spent $51 For A Family of 5”

  1. love your Target clearance finds!!
    I got my zephyrhills waters as well!! but I went to Sedano’s.. they were surprisingly great at taking coupons

    • Tiffany, I’ve only tried using coupons at Sedanos once, and it was a nightmare:) I’m glad you were able to get your water without any problems though, it always makes the day a little easier.

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