Jul 132012

For the second week in a row, I just did not feel up for shopping. Still with three boys in the house, I needed to stock up on bread, orange juice, fruit and bread, and meat so there was no way out. I made three quick trips yesterday morning, and that was it for the week.

Do you ever get tired of shopping?


Check out my ALDI Shopping

ALDI groceries

ALDI fruit

Aldi chicken

ALDI Discount Shopping

Spent a total of $31.39

Saved $12 Compared to the lowest prices at the lowest competitor prices

Check out my PUBLIX Shopping

 Publix school supplies

My Publix Deals

Total out of pocket $38.44

Total saved $51.66

Check out my Target Deals

Free at Target

Check out my Free at Target Deals

Total out of pocket $7.27

Total saved $19.32

My Weekly Totals

My Weekly Grocery Spendings $62.99

My Weekly Grocery Savings $51.25

My Weekly Clothes and Extra Spending $14.11

My Weekly Clothes and Extra Savings $31.73

My Weekly Spendings For A Family of 5 $77.10

My Weekly Savings For A Family of 5 $82.98

Grocery Giveaways at Frugality Is Free

Win a $25 Publix Gift Card Giveaway

I would love to see how you did, so please feel free to link up below at the Weekly Savings Linky.

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  1. great shop! you bought a lot of scissors!! are you teaching your kids how to cut coupons? 😉

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