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While Frugality Is Free is a frugality blog, the most popular blog post of all time is a post about Molluscum. If you are lucky, you might just ask what is Molluscum? However, if you have encountered the Molluscum virus, you are likely here at Frugality Is Free looking for a solution.

Molluscum is also known as Molluscum Contagiosum, and it is a virus that affects both children and adults. It is as its name implies extremely contagious, and in many cases more than one member of a family is usually affected. Molluscum Contagiosum shows itself through wart-like bumps, but it can also look a bit like pimples.


While Molluscum is not dangerous, the Molluscum bumps can be very bothersome for adults and children, and in some cases childcare centers refuse to accept children with an active case of Molluscum. The Molluscum bumps will usually go away within two years of first exposure, but two years can be a long time especially since Molluscum can spread to the entire body, and it may cause itchiness.

The biggest problem that patients with Molluscum experience is the lack of knowledge from the medical community, and most patients and parents are adviced to leave it alone and let it disappear by itself. This might sound like an inexpensive treatment, but once the Molluscum bumps start multiplying it becomes a big problem. It can put a lot of limits to a person’s life, and it can cause emotional distress as well.

The summer months seem to escalate the spread of Molluscum, as children affected with Molluscum start wearing shorts and tshirts and perhaps go to public pools.

I am not sure where my son first had contact with Molluscum, but we went about a year with it before becoming desperate. For the first six months he only had one bump, then a second appeared, and about a year after contacting Molluscum the bumps began multiplying rapidly. Just as we finally got his bumps under control, our youngest son showed his first bump. Fortunately, he only went about 2 months with the virus, as we knew how to handle it the second time around.

I have writtten two posts about my family’s experience with Molluscum, and if you would like to read more, or if you are in search of a Molluscum cure, you can find them here:

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There is in fact a solution, and while it may not work for all, it has worked for my own family and for many of Frugality Is Free readers. While the medical community still continues to advice patients at parents to either wait-it-out, apply expensive creams that may or may not work, or go through costly, painful treatments without a promise of positive results, the home remedy of Apple Cider Vinegar is a frugal way of getting rid of Molluscum.

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  1. I can’t wait to try this…thought mine was finally gone and it has sprung up again. Ick.

  2. Thank you for posting this on your blog. Not enough people know about this. (Doctors included) My son also had mulluscus for about 3-4 months before we found a doctor who could do something about it. Luckily for us, an inexpensive cream prescribed by our Dr got rid of it within a few weeks. One thing you didn’t mention, is that mulluscum is in the same “family ” as chicken pox and shingles. Thanks again for letting people know more about this!!

  3. The following is a letter I just sent out to our pediatric dermatologist….

    Dr. D,
    You probably remember our family – we brought our son to see you on Feb. 6. He had over 200 molluscum at the time and cried horribly when you treated him. I wanted to let you know about our molluscum success story…..The day of our appointment, I knew the curettage was not for us. Ethan could not handle being strapped down and scraped. It scared him way too much. Within 24 hours of having our appointment, I also knew we would not do the “water drops” again. My son was in horrible pain and could not walk properly due to the location of his blisters. I became a very determined mother who would never stop searching for a less painful solution to this terrible skin condition. I spoke to several people, read hundreds of stories online, and prayed more than I have prayed in years. In the end, I found a combination of things that worked for Ethan. On a daily basis, Ethan soaked for 20 min. in a tub containing water and a 1/2 gallon of apple cider vinegar. I would never rub his skin dry, but only blot it after his bath. I put ZERO lotion on his body as it seemed that the molluscum was thriving on the moist skin environment. After a bath, I would inspect his skin and if any of the molluscum had a white center, I would put a tiny dot of clear fingernail polish on it. This served 2 purposes: it dried out the molluscum in 24-48 hours and it acted as a barrier between the molluscum and clothing or other people. The 3rd step was to spray his entire body with Nature’s Sunshine Silver Shield (more about this product later). When I did see a few dots appearing on Ethan’s face, I immediately would use a q-tip to moisten just the dot with apple cider vinegar. These molluscum never matured and disappeared within a week. All of these steps were taken to combat the molluscum externally, but I also knew that I needed to fight the virus internally as well. I put Ethan on a daily regimen of Nature’s Sunshine Silver Shield (colloidal silver) and VS-C, both taken by mouth. Both of these products support the immune system and act as antiviral and antibacterial forces within the body. Within 3 weeks of our appointment, Ethan’s molluscum were drying up and disappearing. Today, it has been almost 3 months and Ethan’s skin is beautiful. I send you this long story with the hope that you will pass it on to other mothers like me. I have never felt so hopeless in my life than when my son and I were faced with molluscum. Pediatricians say to leave it alone and it will go away, but never do they tell you what can happen in the meantime and how long it can take to go away. I say that no child should have to be uncomfortable, in pain, embarrassed, or left out of activities because of this skin condition. I am a firm believer in these two Nature’s Sunshine products and must credit a fellow mom at frugalityisfree.com for giving me the idea to use apple cider vinegar. What a gift she has given to my family and especially my son!

  4. I have never heard of Molluscum before. So this was of interest to me as most of us had chicken pox’s . I am old enough as I got the shot for shingles already. But this is of concern for me because of my grand children. Thanks for this information and the apple cider vinegar cure to help .

  5. I have to take the time to thank-you SO much for posting this information. My 5yr old has had MC for almost 3 months but we just had it properly diagnosed last week. The doctor told us to wait it out but the thought of waiting it out for months and potentially years was so disheartening to me. It doesn’t seem to bother her too much right now, it’s on her legs and is always covered. But summer is coming and in two years she’ll be 7… I can’t help but think of how it would affect her socially over time if it lasted that long and/or spread to more visible areas. I was excited to find this post but stayed cautiously optimistic… I’ve tried many “miracle” cures for eczema over the years that didn’t pan out so I didn’t want to get my hopes up too high. I tried dotting the ACV on with a q-tip first but that stung her badly so that ruled the cotton balls out. Next I tried just 1/2 cup in a bath. I’m using Organic Unfiltered ACV and I was scared more than that would flare up her eczema. She’s also not crazy about the smell but we call it magic bath and she’s game to do it. It’s only been 4 days but every day we’ve seen an improvement! I noticed a couple turn black but mostly they are just disappearing. I’m totally amazed and relieved. Feeling optimistic now that she’ll be all cleared up soon! Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!!!

  6. OMG!!! My younger brother has had these same looking things coming out for a few months now, and he sees a dermatologist every 2 weeks who cauterizes them and calls them warts!!! I never heard of Molluscum before, and I guess that sad excuse for a “dermatologist” didn’t either. I bet this “doctor” is just looking to keep billing and billing. I will have this all printed out for him, and will go with my brother next week. I have a few choice words for this “doctor” but I can’t put them in a family blog. OMG, I am steaming!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! (((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))

    • It puzzles me too, how so many doctors know so little about it. It makes such a difference, when you have a name to it, because then you can actually take action. Good luck to your brother Sandy!

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