Aug 042012
I finally got my hands on several Sunday newspapers again, and after a bit of a coupon drought I saved hundreds of dollars with coupons this week including getting lots of free school supplies. There are three coupon inserts in the 8/5 Sunday newspaper: A SmartSource, A Red Plum and a General Mills insert. There are some awesome coupons in this week’s coupon inserts including Smart Balance Milk and Scotch Tape couponns, you can check out this week’s Sunday newspaper coupons here.
A few of my favorite coupons in tomorrow’s Sunday newspaper are*:
          • Betty Crocker Coupon – Save $.75/2 on Betty Crocker Ready to Spread Frosting, 17.5oz+ cookie mix, Supreme Brownie Mix, Dessert Bar or Box Muffin Mix
          • Five Star Save Coupon – $1/2 Five Star products including student planning
          • Five Star Save Coupon – $1/2 Five Star Reinforced Filler Paper products
          • Five Star Coupon – Save $2/1 on Five Star binder including Flex Hybrid NoteBinder
          • Herbal Essences Coupoon / Aussie Coupon – Save $3/2 on Herbal Essences/Aussie products
          • MorningStar Coupon – Save $.75/1 on Morningstar veggie foods product
          • Nutella Coupon – Save $1/1 on Nutella jar 13oz+
          • BIC Coupon – Save $3/1 on BIC disposable razor
          • Raid Coupon – Save $1/1 on Raid ant & roach product
          • Scotch Coupon – Save $.25/1 on Scotch Magic Tape product
          • Scotch Coupon – Save $1/1 on Scotch Magic Tape one-handed tape dispenser
          • Scotch Coupon – Save $1/1 on Scotch pop-up tape product
          • Revlon Coupon – Save $1/1 on Revlon color cosmetic
          • Smart Balance Coupon – Save $1/1 on Smart Balance enhanced milk carton


See a full list of the Sunday newspaper coupons here.


**The coupons in the Sunday newspaper may have regional differences.




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