Aug 012012

Yesterday morning I took the boys to the park before 8 a.m., as it is extremely hot in South Florida these days. It was perfect, because we had shade on the playground for a few hours, and the basketball court even had shade for an hour or so as well. After the playground, we headed for Publix and Office Depot to pick up some things for the back-to-school list. The Office Depot deals are good until Saturday, and the Publix deal ends Wednesday.

Ziploc bags



8 x Sandwich bags Ziploc 2 for $3 = $12 – (4 x $1/2 Ziploc Public coupon yellow adv. Ad and 4 x $1/2 Ziploc coupon) = $4 ($0.50 each)



Marble notebooks

Office Depot

6 x Marble Notebooks at $0.25 each

4 x 2 pocket folders @ $0.01 each

Total $1.63 – Office Depot Rewards Certificate

Total out of pocket $0

Saved $7.20


The limit on the marble notebooks at Office Depot is 3 per household, but my store had a huge pallet full, so I asked if I could buy three extra. So, don’t forget that it never hurts to ask. We go through a lot of these notebooks every year, but I am hoping to pick up some on the Target back-to-school clearance sale in September too. Last year I was able to get these at $0.10 each at Office Depot, but so far the $0.25 per marble notebook is the best deal that I have found.


Office Depot Update 8/2:

I went by a different Office Depot store on Thursday, and I was able to pick up 6 more of the marble notebooks for $0.25 each (I price matched 3 more at Walmart, so now we are set for the year) I also picked up some great deals on notecards, as I discovered a card full of notecards on clearance for $0.50 each.

6 x Marble Notebooks @ $0.25 each

4 x Notecards @ $0.50 each

Tax $0.22

Total $3.72

– $3.72 from Office Depot Rewards Certificate

Total out of pocket $0

Total saved $40.12

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